Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You don't have to read this if you're annoyed by how much I post...

But if you are reading this... cool! Thanks! Haha. I plan on printing this out into a book after a year (and hopefully every year) so that's why I post a lot, and why I post personal things as well. This is my journal basically! Here are some things that have been going on lately:

Last weekend, our friends had a huge Cultural Night Party. Everyone dressed up as someone from places all over the world, and you were asked to bring food from the culture you represented. We didn't dress up.. I guess you could say we just went as Americans. Haha.

I did Kaitlin's hair and Makeup for Preference last weekend. It was good to catch up with her.

Two things: I went on a DI spree (spent only 20 dollars) and got this dress, a pair of shoes, 3 shirts, and a Jacket for 20 DOLLARS! I freakin rock. Also- I'm excited to say my hair is getting long enough (well, my layers) to actually curl with my chi now. I can actually style it differently than just STRAIGHT!!!!

Here is the picture of my shadow box with the vase and flowers in it. I got the flowers from the Dollar Store and I spent 2 dollars. I wanted something a little more Valentines Day-ish. I also started a craft group tonight with some friends and we pay 10 dollars a month, and the person gets all the supplies, and then you get together once a month to put the craft together. Tonight, we made these Valentines Day Tree's. I LOVE it! It's simply on paper and then put in a frame from the dollar store. It actually only cost 6 dollars.

Here is a closer up picture of it.

Ya can't really tell, but here is my white trash area with my garland from the dollar store wrapped around the lamp and the frames and stuff. I ripped off some of the hearts and "love" things from the extra garland and sprinkled it on top. Ghetto. Hey, i'm poor.

There's my dollar store garland again.

Here is another DI shirt I got. I love it! I have never owned a shirt this color. Thought I would branch out. *NOTICE* my hair touches my shoulders! (well, not my shoulders, but the muscles between the neck and shoulders.) Thats awesome considering it was ABOVE my chin in august.

That's all folks. Have a good night.

*Oh- and P.S. I make my own headers and follower buttons.(made the one on right now.) If you want me to custom make one for you, I'll do it for free. Send me your idea and pic and I will do it. I will even do a few for you to choose from. Peace.


The Ranter said...

I just read my mom your comment that you left on my blog. She loved it---THANKS!

You are so crafty. My poor husband is going to divorce me once he finds out how non-crafty and lame our house will be.

Lokodi said...

That first picture is discusting! I don't want to see that man's hairy thigh and gross man speedo. I see enough of that here in Germany. What was he thinking?!

I like your shadow boxes a ton.


Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Haha, whatever Jena. You can be crafty- you just have to try! I really didn't think I was, and I'm still learning a lot.

what the freak. You never call me. I'm mad at you. But yea, the shadow boxes are fun.

Mike and Adrianne said...

It looks great. I like that you have started a craft club. That sounds fun!

The Dayleys said...

Gillian, I would love for you to put together a header for me. :) yours are so cute!!

I love your shadow boxes by the way!

the.pattens said...

Alright Gillian I want you to custom make me something! I like your cheap garland by the way, being poor is the best, it teaches us how to be crafty the cheap way and then some day when we're filthy rich we can still spend next to nothing on crafts because hey we've been there and done that!


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