Sunday, January 3, 2010

Year 2009 In a Nutshell...

This last year has been the biggest year of my life thus far! It has brought many trials, happiness, love, and adventure. Here is how my year went down in a nutshell!
-Last December (I will count that) I went to Cali on Christmas with Britt, Alyssa, and Ally for 8 days. It was so much fun! We went to Balboa, Newport, Hollywood, Disney Land, Cali Adventures, and many more places! 

-Camilla got married! I was one of her brides maids. She had a beautiful reception and I am so happy for her.
-I went snowboarding for the first time with Kevin. I loved it, and plan on going again this year. 
-Kevin told me on Jan. 17th that he wanted to marry me. Best night of my life.

-I spend Valentines with Kevin in Feb- the first time I have ever shared a valentines day with someone.

-Kevin and I chose a date to get married, and called the SLC temple to schedule it
-We went to the color fest for the first time and blew out colored snot for weeks
-We went to tour the Draper Temple with Kevins family
-Took a weekend adventure trip with Ally and Britt to St. George to eat In-N-Out (which I don't like) and surprise her cousin Mandy for a visit in Logandale, NV. We left on a sat at like 4 and came home Sunday morning (the next day) before our singles ward started at 1. Fun trip!
-I moved out! I became an adult! haha. I moved to britt's house for 4 months before I got married.

-Kevin and I spend Spring Break together. 
-I went to the opening of 17 Again with Makelle and Whitney
-I went to a Concert at the BYU Womens Conference 
-Kevin and I went ring shopping ooo la la!

-I got engaged on May 9th!!!
-I got my wedding dress!
-I started planning my wedding
-I went to St. George for a week with Ally and Britt 
-While in St. George, the boys came down for the weekend and we went to Zions, Sand Hollow, and Snow Canyon Caves 
-I graduated from hair school (freak yea. finally.)
-I got my first car- a 1997 Red Ford Taurus. Yea, thats right. It was a sexy car.(NOT)
-I did baptisms at the St. George Temple for the first time
-Snuck in to brittneys old house in springville that was vacant at the time. we have pictures to prove! 
-Said goodbye to Dave and Tana... and Cried. 
-Put on my first Musical Theater show by my self!

-Kevin took me on the moonlight ride at sundance
-we got our engagement pics
-Kevin and I went on some bike rides up hobble creek canyon
-Went camping up Spanish Fork Canyon
-Had an amazing bridal shower!

-Got married in the SLC temple on July 31st!!! So happy!
-Got endowed on July 25th
-I got a job at the mall
-Spent the 4th of July watching fireworks at the park across the street from the stadium
-Walked the streets in provo (center street) for the first time on July 4th
-Got a concussion dancing 
-Had dinner with Ally, Kirsten P. Kirsten R. and Delana for the first time since we all hung out in high school! It had been 3 years!
-My friends threw me a friend bridal shower and I got lots of cute clothes .. :)
-Got to see all 11 kids in the family together in once place at my wedding. 
-Had the best day of my life- and will remember it forever.
-We bought our apartment on July 9th

-Went on a honeymoon to Cali! We stayed in Newport Beach
-Went to the Conan O Brian Show
-Swam in the ocean with Kevin- (his first time)
-Went to Knotts Berry Farm
-We officially moved into our apartment
-Ammon Got his Trach out
-Kevin left me alone for the first time while he went on a camping trip :(
-We went grocery shopping together for the first time 
-We celebrated our 1st month anniversary
-Kevin had his 23rd Bday and got a long board

-I started looking for another job. 
-I realized how bad kevin talks in his sleep... oh dear.
-I got the flu. yucky.
-We had our family over for dinner 
-I made my first roast
-Kevin got a raise. Thank goodness.
-Kevin witnessed our friend Tanner get in a long board accident and we visited him in the hospital. That made it so that Kevin will always wear a helmet.. 

-We dressed up as white trash ppl for halloween
-I made my first craft as a married woman. (a cute pumpkin with ribbons)
-We bought our first decorations for the holidays
-We had parties at our apartment and carved pumpkins!
-We had our first EVER trick or treaters! 
-I passed my state boards
-I gained a deeper testimony
-We got our first calling in our ward. Picture Directory makers.

-I started my new job at Cedar Fort
-I sold my car for more than I bought it for
-I went to the hospital 
-I got Plantar fasciitis
-We had to pick a family to spend Thanksgiving with- so that we can do holidays with every other. We spent it with My family for dinner, and dessert at his. 
-We went black friday shopping!

-I celebrated my 21st b-day. woot woot!
-I got a new digital camera. Fun!
-We were on KSL news with Ammon for the high 5 award
-We went to the festival of Trees
-We made gingerbread houses
-We saw the lights at temple square
-We put up our first Christmas tree
-We didn't have to shovel snow once because our landlord does it.
-We got a TV doorbell ditched to our house. 
-We spend Christmas with Kevins family and had a wonderful holiday
-I went to vegas with the girls for Allys birthday this week
-I have contemplated returning back to college. If not, I want start trying to have a baby within the next 6-8 months. Dont judge.

There were so many more things that we have done that I didn't add. Over all, it has been the best and worst year yet of my life. I wont name the worst things because I dont want to focus on the negative things. I want to focus on the fact that it's a brand new year and we have a brand new start. We can determine our future by the decisions we make and by the way we act. Hopefully I choose all of it for the better. May you all have a fabulous new start on the year 2010! 


Tana said...

Dang girl! Your 2009 was busy! Hope you have a grat 2010!

Tana said...

*great :)

Cedar Fort said...

Yea it was! I started remembering more as the months got closer to now... I have memory loss haha


Mike and Adrianne said...

It sounds like a great year. I hope your coming year is even better!!


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