Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New additions to our home

The last few weeks Kevin and I have really tried filling our bare walls in our apartment. When the Christmas Tree was up and we had the stockings and all the decor up, it seemed like a cozy apartment. Well, when we took all that down, we realized how empty our place was! Anyway, here are a few picture of the things we have added recently.

This Clock was 4 dollars at tai pan trading- it says "Bon Appetitio"

Kevin's sister gave us this lamp. Well, she gave us two, but the other one is in the guest room. I love it! It's so fancy pancy and cute. Right now, it's sitting on the front table as you walk in.

For Christmas, Kevin made me these three shadow boxes. I love them! I have been wanting some forever. We bought some paint at Home Depot and got 'er done! The big one has an empty vase- but I am putting a fake bouquet of flowers in it this week. I will post a picture. (Right now it lacks levels. Don't judge.) The vase was 2 dollars at michaels. The middle box has art in it that was 6 dollars at tai pan. The little one has a little flower pot thing that I got from michaels for 1.50. Bargain! The home and love metal words at the top were given to us for our wedding.

This is a D.I. find for 2 dollars. The top of it is banged up but I plan on sanding it, and re painting it or distressing it and hanging it somewhere. It has a mirror in the middle and picture frames on the two sides. Cute! Man I love a good deal.

Here is the cute little box up close. my favorite one :)

I love decorating. It's hard to when you don't have a lot of money or time to FIND good bargains... but someday my friends. some day.


The Duke said...

Cute! Give me a call - I have a couple of projects I need help with and I'm not creative at all.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Very cute. I am only just starting to decorate my house. Things just cost too much and I am a cheapo. Like what you've done.

Dave and Tana said...

Very cute! I love decorating and buying new home stuff too..its so much fun!

Jena said...

Jilly billy

I love that you comment on my blog. It always makes my day. I think your house is FREAKING cute!!! My favorite is that white picture/mirror/shelf thing. It is darling, and will look so cute once its all done


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