Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Learning a lot

Well, some of my frustrations of work have kind of gone away. It's getting better. I have my days. I think really what it is, I have SO many responsibilities at work. (I'm not used to being in charge of so many things.) It didn't start out that way, but it has kind of resolved into it. Here is what I do:

-I manage 5 blogs. Design them, Write on them, Research for them.. blah blah.
-I e-mail people to send stories, crafts, link up, and host a giveaway on their blog by us
-I answer phones
-I take orders on this program called Acumen for any book stores that call in. It's a REALLY complicated program. (At least to me.) No one has had time to teach me how to use it, so I kind of taught myself. Bryce showed me the basics, and I kinda taught myself from there. At first, I felt really really overwhelmed with all the things I had to remember... how to print the invoices and where to place them after, and how to enter in products... and how to charge their cards... and EVERYTHING! It was crazy at first. But, I am kind of getting the hang of it now. I normally don't have to do orders, but when it gets busy and Krista (the main girls who takes orders) is on lunch or busy, I have to do it.
-I sit in for the receptionist when she is sick or out of town. That means I have to answer phones, do orders, send out  mail, fill the postage on the machine (took me forever to figure out how to do that.), and tons more. Really. I don't know how she does it.
-I ring people up when they come to the Scratch and Dent store now if Paige is gone. (Paige has been kinda sick lately, and I feel bad that she is so sick!)
-I help organize the back with Paige and help with returns if she needs it
-I take stickers off and put new ones on the books that need to be sent to costco. Sucks.
-I now had to learn these programs called Golive, MySQL, and Terminal. (All HTML stuff for the website.) I now fix any mistakes you see on the website. I only spend an hour or two on that a day because It takes me so long and I don't have a lot of time for it. If you are on the website and see a mistake like "&quot&" that means the HTML got screwed up somewhere. So, I have to go into all these programs and fix it. Really complicated. Seriously.
-I also go to seminars and listen to online things about marketing for my boss Bryce.

Wow. Ok, so I am BUSY! But, yet, I still have time to blog on my blog :) Some days are more swamped than others. Today, I already kinda got everything done, and am just lolly gaggin till the day is over. (Not true, but I wish.)

The seminars I have been going to are put on by the Small Business Department at UVU- and are free. Teachers volunteer their time to come teach about things like Facebook/Twitter for your Business, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, How to create Internet Sites, and more. I have been to two classes so far. The Twitter/facebook one was stupid because I have been a facebook person for like 4 years now and know the rounds. The Twitter was kind of helpful, but really I didn't learn alot. It was mostly like old people who have NEVER used them before. Kinda dumb, but I got paid to go. The one I went to last night, Internet Marketing, was amazing. I learned a ton about using keywords to get your site at the top of the search engine, and a lot more. The teacher was really cool- his name is Michael Eagar. He has his own website and is an Entrepreneur and apparently makes a ton of money...

All in all, I am learning SO much at my job. It may be stressful and hard sometimes, but I like it. I am glad I have a job. I love that I get to go to classes for free, and get not just for free, but I get PAID to go to them! Its nice. Maybe I can get really good at this stuff. I hope so.

Well, that's it for today. Hope you are all having a good week. Adrianne called me and we talked for a good hour on Monday. It's nice to talk to my siblings. I wish you all called more. I know, I don't really call either... but if you try, I will try. :) (That's especially meant for the boys in the fam. I feel like I don't even know you Jason!)

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