Friday, January 29, 2010

American Idol Judge Kara can sing!

Proof that Kara DioGuardi from American Idol can really sing..

I thought that she was just a song writer, but dang. She can sing. I love her voice. This is live too (well, not live, but her voice wasn't tweeked) Anyway. This is a song she wrote for Katharine McPhee's new CD. I love it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You don't have to read this if you're annoyed by how much I post...

But if you are reading this... cool! Thanks! Haha. I plan on printing this out into a book after a year (and hopefully every year) so that's why I post a lot, and why I post personal things as well. This is my journal basically! Here are some things that have been going on lately:

Last weekend, our friends had a huge Cultural Night Party. Everyone dressed up as someone from places all over the world, and you were asked to bring food from the culture you represented. We didn't dress up.. I guess you could say we just went as Americans. Haha.

I did Kaitlin's hair and Makeup for Preference last weekend. It was good to catch up with her.

Two things: I went on a DI spree (spent only 20 dollars) and got this dress, a pair of shoes, 3 shirts, and a Jacket for 20 DOLLARS! I freakin rock. Also- I'm excited to say my hair is getting long enough (well, my layers) to actually curl with my chi now. I can actually style it differently than just STRAIGHT!!!!

Here is the picture of my shadow box with the vase and flowers in it. I got the flowers from the Dollar Store and I spent 2 dollars. I wanted something a little more Valentines Day-ish. I also started a craft group tonight with some friends and we pay 10 dollars a month, and the person gets all the supplies, and then you get together once a month to put the craft together. Tonight, we made these Valentines Day Tree's. I LOVE it! It's simply on paper and then put in a frame from the dollar store. It actually only cost 6 dollars.

Here is a closer up picture of it.

Ya can't really tell, but here is my white trash area with my garland from the dollar store wrapped around the lamp and the frames and stuff. I ripped off some of the hearts and "love" things from the extra garland and sprinkled it on top. Ghetto. Hey, i'm poor.

There's my dollar store garland again.

Here is another DI shirt I got. I love it! I have never owned a shirt this color. Thought I would branch out. *NOTICE* my hair touches my shoulders! (well, not my shoulders, but the muscles between the neck and shoulders.) Thats awesome considering it was ABOVE my chin in august.

That's all folks. Have a good night.

*Oh- and P.S. I make my own headers and follower buttons.(made the one on right now.) If you want me to custom make one for you, I'll do it for free. Send me your idea and pic and I will do it. I will even do a few for you to choose from. Peace.

Learning a lot

Well, some of my frustrations of work have kind of gone away. It's getting better. I have my days. I think really what it is, I have SO many responsibilities at work. (I'm not used to being in charge of so many things.) It didn't start out that way, but it has kind of resolved into it. Here is what I do:

-I manage 5 blogs. Design them, Write on them, Research for them.. blah blah.
-I e-mail people to send stories, crafts, link up, and host a giveaway on their blog by us
-I answer phones
-I take orders on this program called Acumen for any book stores that call in. It's a REALLY complicated program. (At least to me.) No one has had time to teach me how to use it, so I kind of taught myself. Bryce showed me the basics, and I kinda taught myself from there. At first, I felt really really overwhelmed with all the things I had to remember... how to print the invoices and where to place them after, and how to enter in products... and how to charge their cards... and EVERYTHING! It was crazy at first. But, I am kind of getting the hang of it now. I normally don't have to do orders, but when it gets busy and Krista (the main girls who takes orders) is on lunch or busy, I have to do it.
-I sit in for the receptionist when she is sick or out of town. That means I have to answer phones, do orders, send out  mail, fill the postage on the machine (took me forever to figure out how to do that.), and tons more. Really. I don't know how she does it.
-I ring people up when they come to the Scratch and Dent store now if Paige is gone. (Paige has been kinda sick lately, and I feel bad that she is so sick!)
-I help organize the back with Paige and help with returns if she needs it
-I take stickers off and put new ones on the books that need to be sent to costco. Sucks.
-I now had to learn these programs called Golive, MySQL, and Terminal. (All HTML stuff for the website.) I now fix any mistakes you see on the website. I only spend an hour or two on that a day because It takes me so long and I don't have a lot of time for it. If you are on the website and see a mistake like "&quot&" that means the HTML got screwed up somewhere. So, I have to go into all these programs and fix it. Really complicated. Seriously.
-I also go to seminars and listen to online things about marketing for my boss Bryce.

Wow. Ok, so I am BUSY! But, yet, I still have time to blog on my blog :) Some days are more swamped than others. Today, I already kinda got everything done, and am just lolly gaggin till the day is over. (Not true, but I wish.)

The seminars I have been going to are put on by the Small Business Department at UVU- and are free. Teachers volunteer their time to come teach about things like Facebook/Twitter for your Business, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, How to create Internet Sites, and more. I have been to two classes so far. The Twitter/facebook one was stupid because I have been a facebook person for like 4 years now and know the rounds. The Twitter was kind of helpful, but really I didn't learn alot. It was mostly like old people who have NEVER used them before. Kinda dumb, but I got paid to go. The one I went to last night, Internet Marketing, was amazing. I learned a ton about using keywords to get your site at the top of the search engine, and a lot more. The teacher was really cool- his name is Michael Eagar. He has his own website and is an Entrepreneur and apparently makes a ton of money...

All in all, I am learning SO much at my job. It may be stressful and hard sometimes, but I like it. I am glad I have a job. I love that I get to go to classes for free, and get not just for free, but I get PAID to go to them! Its nice. Maybe I can get really good at this stuff. I hope so.

Well, that's it for today. Hope you are all having a good week. Adrianne called me and we talked for a good hour on Monday. It's nice to talk to my siblings. I wish you all called more. I know, I don't really call either... but if you try, I will try. :) (That's especially meant for the boys in the fam. I feel like I don't even know you Jason!)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's change that to I. Want. To. Be. Happy.

Ok.. so my last post was pretty negative.... but sometimes it feels good to let it all out. I think for me, sometimes it takes complaining about things to remember what's actually good in your life. So, I decided to write about the things I am lucky and happy to have in my life.

#1. Kevin
He is my best friend, my husband, the love, the rock, the happiness, and the man of my life! I can't imagine my life without him. Our first date changed my life forever, and I am so grateful that it did. Despite others doubts about us or worries about me getting married so young, he has helped me grow up, and has helped me find true happiness and I am glad we followed our hearts. Through all the good and bad, he will always be there and I am so lucky to have him. I love him more than anyone or anything in the world.

#2. Family
All 11 kids, and two parents, are simply amazing. They are constantly providing love, care, and help to me and each other. They are all good examples- have been married in the temple, have children, are active members, and are good people. They put others above themselves. Although they all live far away and I hardly get to see any of them, I still feel as though they are right here with me supporting me along the ups and downs of life. My parents put up with me and my raging tempers sometimes- who knows how they did it. Despite how things may have ended when I moved out, I do still love my mom and dad very much.

Kevin's family- for accepting me and pulling me under their wings the minute Kev and I started dating. I have never felt out of place at their home. They are fun, and always getting together like one big happy family! :) Haha, they provide constant laughs and love to Kevin and I.

#3. The Temple
Although I get anxiety every time we have to go because of all the things to remember and do, I get a feeling of love every time I sit in that celestial room. I can feel the spirits of the ones who have passed on who I am doing the work for. I know I am where I am supposed to be when I am there. I am grateful that the temple made it possible for Kevin and I to be together for eternity.

#4. My Musical Theater Kids
Although I may not be performing anymore and it may have been my dream, I am glad I still have the opportunity to make that dream for my students. I am grateful that I have the ability to teach, and be listened to, and be loved by my students. I am grateful for that studio and how it has changed my life. I am grateful to provide a fun place/out for my students to come and learn, live, and have the time of their life. I may not live my dream, but I can help them live theirs.

#5. Free Things
I am grateful for free things! I am so grateful that we were lucky enough to be blessed with a free vacuum, free couches, free bed, free computer, free tv, free table and chairs, free EVERY piece of furniture we own. Thanks peeps for helping us out.

#6. Lunch Dates with Old Friends
I am grateful for Camilla and Kilee. Although we may not hang out every day, or even once in a month, every time we get together, we talk and talk like nothing changed. We start off where we left off. No catching up, just the same. I love them so much, and am so grateful that Camilla came out to my wedding! I am grateful for friends that would drop anything to come to my side if I ever needed them. I hope they know I would do the same.

#7. Sunshine, pools, and books.
Although in this picture I am EXTREMELY sunburn, (hence the tshirt on, the towel covering my legs, and the towel over my head) I am grateful for sunshine. It really helps me have a good day. I am grateful for water, pools, wherever water is, that I can cool off on a hot day. I am grateful for a good book to read- and have read over 50 in the last year.

#8. Nature
I am grateful for the beauty around us. This picture is at Zions National Park when I went with Kevin and some other friends back in May. I am grateful for trees, waterfalls, flowers, etc. It provides a fun hike and beauty to look at.

#9. Bike Rides
I am SO grateful for bike rides. It's fun, exercise, and Kevin loves it too.

#10. Photography
I am grateful for photography. I am glad I can take pictures to capture moments I may not remember. I am grateful to have a camera! I can look back at photos and remember what was happening RIGHT then, and smile. This picture was taken when I was out taking picture of my sister Kaitlin.

#11. Ammon
I am so grateful for Ammon. I can't even begin to say. He has come to my life and blessed it so much. I hope to be HALF the person he is- with his positive outlook on life, even when he is in the hospital getting a major surgery, or in pain, or having a hard time breathing. He continues to bless my life in such a way that I can't explain.

#12. Bras
Yes, let me be gross for a minute. I am so glad we all have bras. Wish everyone knew how to use them.

#13. Camping
So glad I can go camping. It's so much fun. I grew up going camping quite a bit, and I am glad Kevin loves it too. It's fun to sleep under the stars, sing songs by the campfire, eat junk, and tell scary stories. Not fun to squat while peeing though.

#14. Choir/Performing
So grateful for my time in high school when I got to sing, and be myself and love what I did. I am so grateful for the friends I made, the talent I learned of, and the fun I had!
(this picture above is me singing Midnight Train To Georgia)

This picture is me and Jacob Jamsa singing "Love Heals"

Me singing "The Color Purple" my senior Year.
And LAST, but not least,

#15. Babies
I love them! I am so grateful to have 43 nieces and nephews!!! They are all my favorite babies and kids in the world. They are all so innocent and loving. I love love love babies.

Well, that's it for now. I'm grateful for a lot more of things, but for now, that's all I will list.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I. Want. To. Cry.

Today has been a horrible day.

I feel like my life is going nowhere.

Absolutely nowhere. It feels like my dreams are all down the drain.

I cant dance because of body problems. I can't sing because I haven't actually sang for anyone or anywhere since high school and I feel like I have lost ALL talent. I don't have a recording contract because I haven't tried, because we don't have money for a recording studio. I didn't go to college. I don't like hair. I have gained weight and do not feel good about myself in no way. All I do is work. And, I have no friends.

Yes, I want to complain today because I don't remember the last time I really just cried because things didn't go my way. (not really a good reason to cry.) Ok. I'm done complaining and I am going to go have a good night now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New additions to our home

The last few weeks Kevin and I have really tried filling our bare walls in our apartment. When the Christmas Tree was up and we had the stockings and all the decor up, it seemed like a cozy apartment. Well, when we took all that down, we realized how empty our place was! Anyway, here are a few picture of the things we have added recently.

This Clock was 4 dollars at tai pan trading- it says "Bon Appetitio"

Kevin's sister gave us this lamp. Well, she gave us two, but the other one is in the guest room. I love it! It's so fancy pancy and cute. Right now, it's sitting on the front table as you walk in.

For Christmas, Kevin made me these three shadow boxes. I love them! I have been wanting some forever. We bought some paint at Home Depot and got 'er done! The big one has an empty vase- but I am putting a fake bouquet of flowers in it this week. I will post a picture. (Right now it lacks levels. Don't judge.) The vase was 2 dollars at michaels. The middle box has art in it that was 6 dollars at tai pan. The little one has a little flower pot thing that I got from michaels for 1.50. Bargain! The home and love metal words at the top were given to us for our wedding.

This is a D.I. find for 2 dollars. The top of it is banged up but I plan on sanding it, and re painting it or distressing it and hanging it somewhere. It has a mirror in the middle and picture frames on the two sides. Cute! Man I love a good deal.

Here is the cute little box up close. my favorite one :)

I love decorating. It's hard to when you don't have a lot of money or time to FIND good bargains... but someday my friends. some day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You said what? My Husband's Better Than Yours?

Yes. He is better than yours as a matter of fact.

He can cook.

He can melt my eyes by looking at this ridiculously good looking picture of him... 

He can Snowboard better than you. Yes, this picture really is him.

He knows how to ruin a perfectly good moment for someone else...

His bum is nice. and small. but I like it :)

He plays a good Walle. (However you spell it.)

His eyes are B E A U T I F U L
more beautiful than yours.

And, he kisses like a champ. Done, done, and done.

Don't try to argue with me. He IS better than yours.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Give a Day, Get a Day

Kevin and I heard about this program called "Give A Day, Get A Day"
All you do is go to their website, sign up for a volunteer thing such as helping at a horse ranch with kids who are handicapped, helping teens/children with abuse, volunteering at the boys and girl club, soup kitchen, etc.
After that, they give you a free day to Disney Land. What? It's really that easy, no strings attached? Yep! So, I think Kevin and I are going to do it. We want to go to Disney Land in March. I heard Jess and Jen might be going this year.. if that's the case, when are you going and maybe we will go with ya!?

Check Out The Details HERE

Friday, January 15, 2010

The BEST Digital Scrapbook Site

I found the BEST digital scrapbook site last week. I was so excited when I found it!!! Everything is free- and there are thousands of cute things to download. Here are a few that I love:

They have word art, embellishments, premaid kits, papers, and everything you can think of to do with scrapbooking!!! I love it. Thats how I made the cedar fort header for the mom blog, and the vday blog.



This is an example of the CUTE paper they have.

Anyway, everything is free. It's self explanatory, but if you need extra help, I can help you with that. Check out the website: Digiscrap.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Few Things...

-Kevin and I have been really good at keeping our heat down when we aren't home and when we are going to bed. (OR so I thought...) When we aren't home, it goes down to 60 and same with when we go to bed. Kevin sleeps really hot and breathes heavy so he keeps the bed warm enough for us both. Even when we are home, we usually don't let it get above 68 or 70. We figure we can wear socks or jackets and it really isn't too bad. We do turn it up sometimes when it's super cold. Well, this last week, we got our gas bill for last month. OK, WHAT THE FREAK! It was 80 DOLLARS! The month before that, it was only 50. The month before that, it was like 30. Are we doing something wrong? I swear we have been keeping it down but apparently not!! I am so mad. That's a lot of money for a small 2 bedroom apartment. I know I prob shouldn't complain since you guys all pay like 300 dollars for your big houses but come on. We are newly weds. We don't got that kinda money to throw away for heat we don't need. Haha.

-Work. Work work work. It's stressing me out. I don't think my boss likes me. I'm trying my hardest to make things good but I don't think they believe in me or give me the credit I deserve for trying so hard. They won't pay for someone to make the blogs look way cool (I can't do the HTML stuff.) They won't pay to make the blogs into a .com domain. They told me I have to get lots and lots of followers and comments sooner than later because if not, I am wasting the companies money. Ok, lets be real for a second. How long did it take you guys to get followers on your blogs? I have 12 right now, and I started this blog LAST April. I have 24 followers on my book blog for work and I started it in NOVEMBER. Apparently that isn't good enough for them. I am REALLY frustrated. I mean, I really could loose my job at any time. I wish they understood how hard I am working and how much I do. I really can't even talk about it without getting upset. They say "well don't stress, if it doesn't work out, it's ok. this is just an experiment..." Ok, well this isn't just an experiment for me. It's a JOB. I work hard, and I don't want to loose it. Ok, I'm done complaining.

-I just found out one of my friends is prego. I won't say who because she hasn't said anything yet. And don't try to guess who it is because you aren't getting it out of me. I am so happy for her. I really am! When she told me I just had a huge smile on my face. I know she is going to be a great mom! It's weird seeing friends I grew up with and went to school with getting married and having kids. I guess we really are getting old! Haha. I am excited for my time to become a mom. I will take the challenge any time the Lord wants to throw it to me. I really can't wait to be a stay at home mom and just take care of my little kids. I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I think before I knew I could sing and dance, I knew I was going to be a mom!

-On Mondays I teach Musical Theater still. Last night after class, (my class is the last one there) I stayed late. I wanted to stretch and dance a little, and sing. It's fun to sing in the studio because it has GREAT acoustics! No one was there, so I got to let it all out. It felt soooooooooooooooo good to sing. You have no idea. I haven't really sung full out for a REALLY long time. I can't even remember when I did last. Reason being- Im not in choir anymore, and I live in an apartment and I know they can hear me when I sing. The couple that lives above me one sunday came to me and said "oh my gosh, I heard you singing this morning and I love your voice! Sing more often!" I was really embarrassed because I didn't know they could hear me. I always sing when I am showering or getting ready, and their bathroom is right above ours I guess. They hear my voice go up through the vent on the ceiling and yea. So, I kinda stopped singing at home. I don't want to bother them. Plus, if I sang full out, they would get annoyed I think because I am loud! So last night, I put all of that aside, put on some music, and just sang and sang and sang for like a half an hour. It felt so good. It felt even better to  know I still have it :) I can still hit all the high notes, and actually, even higher ones than I could in high school. (I cant go low anymore though.) Oh man. What a dream it would be to record some day.

-Kevin started school again. He goes to class tuesday and thursday nights and friday. He is only taking English 2010 and a Construction Management Class. Hopefully he will do well in his classes. It will suck being alone on tuesday and thursday nights! Girls nights! Haha.

Thats all for now. Just wanted to quickly write something. How's your week going?


Friday, January 8, 2010

This song heals me...

Ok, so India Arie has been one of my MOST favorite artists the last few years since I found her song "Beautiful Flower" She is so inspiring and I love her deep soul and love for music. I listened to this song again today- it's been a while since I have listened to it. I'm guessing she wrote this about her man .. but I like to think I wrote this song about Kevin and me... Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Girls Trip to Vegas

So this last week I went on a tip with Ally, Brittney, and our friend Cazlyn to Vegas for 2 days. It was Ally's 21st b-day on the 30th so we wanted to make it fun! I don't have alot of time to post pictures, and I already posted them on facebook. I just wanted to leave you with a quick picture and post of Ally's lip. On the way down, Ally yells out "OH NO! MY LIP IS BIG AGAIN!!!" A few months ago, Ally started getting this fat lip- once a month.. around that time. haha. She is going to kill me for posting this. HAHA! Well, she went to the doc for it, and they didn't know what it was. They gave her these pills to take every day. She has to take one 3 times a day I believe. If she doesn't take them, it could come back. Well last month, she didn't get it so she stopped taking the pills. She thought that maybe it went away and it was some freak weird thing. So, since she has had it 3 times, she knew it was coming when she felt her whole lip go numb. It was tingling, and getting tighter. Seriously, it gets big within 2 minutes. I am not kidding. I witnessed it! Poor Ally. Anyway, we had to pull over so she could call her doc (we were about to go through the gorge) and had her doc fax the perscription to walmart. We went to Walmart in Mesquite, and got the medicine. Then, we were on our way. That night, it went down a little, but it formed a huge blister. The next day, the blister popped while she was eating. Yea. Yuck hahahahahah. It seemed to go down alot although it was still kinda big. Well, on Sunday, she took the picture below. Apparently it didn't go down. Woops. Sorry Allybear. Love ya. You still are beautiful even with a huge lip. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

What I learned living at home with a handicapped brother

No, Ammon didn't die, and no i'm not done learning, I just felt inspired to share some things I have been feeling these last few months about my amazing little brother Ammon.

If you don't already know, Ammon has spina bifida. You can read about it and him on his blog.

Here are the things I have learned from him: (These may not pertain to all handicapped children, but they do to Ammon.)
-It's ok to say I love you every 5 minutes. It still means the same thing 5 minutes later, he just really means it.
-Handicapped children need friends too. Not just family members who love them, but friends.
-Handicapped children are NOT here for themselves. They are here to test us. They are already perfect.
-Music can soothe their souls (and mine)
-They laugh when they toot because they cant feel it, but they can hear it hahaha
-They laugh so hard that they cant breathe- this is especially true for Ammon! He is so funny!
-It's ok to cry- not just when you are sad, but when you are scared. Ammon doesn't cry very much, but when he does, it means something. He isn't afraid to show his feelings.
-Having a handicapped child in your home can help you feel closer to the spirit. I feel like the veil is very thin on Ammon.
-If there was a handicapped child that was supposed to come down to earth, I would rather it be my baby than someone who has never experienced it or than someone who is scared of them. I have seen the way it has blessed my life to have someone like him in my family.
-They are not just children, they are angels in disguise.
-They are brave. Come what may to them, and they take it.
-They bring the siblings closer together. It mellows us all out
-Fighting in the home around them does not make them happy. As Ammon would say "I'm not part of this."
-Fighting takes away the spirit that comes with the child. Ammon always cries when we fight, therefore, it usually makes us feel bad and we stop. (sometimes. It should all the time because I hate to see him cry.)
-Handicapped children are usually more mature than we are.
-Handicapped children do not feel afraid to be themselves. Ammon can talk about disney movies and animation for hours and be as happy as a bee! He will never get tired of it.
-Handicapped children find joy in the little things of life. For Ammon, it's chocolate.
-They are SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES! This kid has more friends than anyone I know!
-They like to be hugged and loved and paid attention to.
-It's ok to love deeper and stronger.
-It's ok to talk about death to handicapped children because we know they will be saved
-It's not ok to talk bad about someone. It hurts their feelings because they feel like everyone is special just like them.
-Handicapped children are very close to the spirit and in Ammon's case, he reads the scriptures more than me sometimes. He is always wanting to learn more about the Gospel.
-Handicapped children need to be around people. NOT stuck in their room watching movies (although Ammon does like to do that..) But they need to be around people and interact.
-Handicapped children love babies.
-They feel loved and special when asked to do a simple task such as setting the table (when we complain)
-They are willing to try new things
-They aren't scared of life, even though it could easily be taken away from them any day.
-They are strong for their siblings- so we can make it through the trials
-Their faith is stronger than anyone's
-They bring a happiness that you can't always feel
-Their smile is contagious
-They now how to cheer anyone up at any time
-Their jokes are so dumb but the best ones I have ever heard in the world because they are made up
(For example, Ammon says "Knock Knock" whos there? "Orange" Orange who? "Orange Panties!" "Get it Gillian! Orange, Panties!" HaHa, that doesn't even make sense, but it gets my every time.
-They were sent here for a purpose
-And most of all, they love better than anyone else.

I love you Ammon-eggs and am SO glad you are my brother. I could not have made it this far without you. You know, you were sent here to inspire others and I think you have done that so far. (I'm sure you were sent here for many reasons, that is just one of them.) You inspire me to put on a smile every single day with all you have been through. I can't wait to see what's in store for you in the future here on earth and in heaven. You will be amazing in anything you do. I love you more than chocolate. I love you more than life it's self. I am so glad I live close to you and can see you lots. Thanks for being my sunshine.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Year 2009 In a Nutshell...

This last year has been the biggest year of my life thus far! It has brought many trials, happiness, love, and adventure. Here is how my year went down in a nutshell!
-Last December (I will count that) I went to Cali on Christmas with Britt, Alyssa, and Ally for 8 days. It was so much fun! We went to Balboa, Newport, Hollywood, Disney Land, Cali Adventures, and many more places! 

-Camilla got married! I was one of her brides maids. She had a beautiful reception and I am so happy for her.
-I went snowboarding for the first time with Kevin. I loved it, and plan on going again this year. 
-Kevin told me on Jan. 17th that he wanted to marry me. Best night of my life.

-I spend Valentines with Kevin in Feb- the first time I have ever shared a valentines day with someone.

-Kevin and I chose a date to get married, and called the SLC temple to schedule it
-We went to the color fest for the first time and blew out colored snot for weeks
-We went to tour the Draper Temple with Kevins family
-Took a weekend adventure trip with Ally and Britt to St. George to eat In-N-Out (which I don't like) and surprise her cousin Mandy for a visit in Logandale, NV. We left on a sat at like 4 and came home Sunday morning (the next day) before our singles ward started at 1. Fun trip!
-I moved out! I became an adult! haha. I moved to britt's house for 4 months before I got married.

-Kevin and I spend Spring Break together. 
-I went to the opening of 17 Again with Makelle and Whitney
-I went to a Concert at the BYU Womens Conference 
-Kevin and I went ring shopping ooo la la!

-I got engaged on May 9th!!!
-I got my wedding dress!
-I started planning my wedding
-I went to St. George for a week with Ally and Britt 
-While in St. George, the boys came down for the weekend and we went to Zions, Sand Hollow, and Snow Canyon Caves 
-I graduated from hair school (freak yea. finally.)
-I got my first car- a 1997 Red Ford Taurus. Yea, thats right. It was a sexy car.(NOT)
-I did baptisms at the St. George Temple for the first time
-Snuck in to brittneys old house in springville that was vacant at the time. we have pictures to prove! 
-Said goodbye to Dave and Tana... and Cried. 
-Put on my first Musical Theater show by my self!

-Kevin took me on the moonlight ride at sundance
-we got our engagement pics
-Kevin and I went on some bike rides up hobble creek canyon
-Went camping up Spanish Fork Canyon
-Had an amazing bridal shower!

-Got married in the SLC temple on July 31st!!! So happy!
-Got endowed on July 25th
-I got a job at the mall
-Spent the 4th of July watching fireworks at the park across the street from the stadium
-Walked the streets in provo (center street) for the first time on July 4th
-Got a concussion dancing 
-Had dinner with Ally, Kirsten P. Kirsten R. and Delana for the first time since we all hung out in high school! It had been 3 years!
-My friends threw me a friend bridal shower and I got lots of cute clothes .. :)
-Got to see all 11 kids in the family together in once place at my wedding. 
-Had the best day of my life- and will remember it forever.
-We bought our apartment on July 9th

-Went on a honeymoon to Cali! We stayed in Newport Beach
-Went to the Conan O Brian Show
-Swam in the ocean with Kevin- (his first time)
-Went to Knotts Berry Farm
-We officially moved into our apartment
-Ammon Got his Trach out
-Kevin left me alone for the first time while he went on a camping trip :(
-We went grocery shopping together for the first time 
-We celebrated our 1st month anniversary
-Kevin had his 23rd Bday and got a long board

-I started looking for another job. 
-I realized how bad kevin talks in his sleep... oh dear.
-I got the flu. yucky.
-We had our family over for dinner 
-I made my first roast
-Kevin got a raise. Thank goodness.
-Kevin witnessed our friend Tanner get in a long board accident and we visited him in the hospital. That made it so that Kevin will always wear a helmet.. 

-We dressed up as white trash ppl for halloween
-I made my first craft as a married woman. (a cute pumpkin with ribbons)
-We bought our first decorations for the holidays
-We had parties at our apartment and carved pumpkins!
-We had our first EVER trick or treaters! 
-I passed my state boards
-I gained a deeper testimony
-We got our first calling in our ward. Picture Directory makers.

-I started my new job at Cedar Fort
-I sold my car for more than I bought it for
-I went to the hospital 
-I got Plantar fasciitis
-We had to pick a family to spend Thanksgiving with- so that we can do holidays with every other. We spent it with My family for dinner, and dessert at his. 
-We went black friday shopping!

-I celebrated my 21st b-day. woot woot!
-I got a new digital camera. Fun!
-We were on KSL news with Ammon for the high 5 award
-We went to the festival of Trees
-We made gingerbread houses
-We saw the lights at temple square
-We put up our first Christmas tree
-We didn't have to shovel snow once because our landlord does it.
-We got a TV doorbell ditched to our house. 
-We spend Christmas with Kevins family and had a wonderful holiday
-I went to vegas with the girls for Allys birthday this week
-I have contemplated returning back to college. If not, I want start trying to have a baby within the next 6-8 months. Dont judge.

There were so many more things that we have done that I didn't add. Over all, it has been the best and worst year yet of my life. I wont name the worst things because I dont want to focus on the negative things. I want to focus on the fact that it's a brand new year and we have a brand new start. We can determine our future by the decisions we make and by the way we act. Hopefully I choose all of it for the better. May you all have a fabulous new start on the year 2010! 


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