Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is your blogging type?

I read Annalece Boothe's Blog and she posted something about "What is your blogging type?"

It reads something like this:

"note: if you don't blog, apply this to your FaceBook life, Twitter life, MySpace life, etc.

It's no secret that we all perform as bloggers. There is such an element of being a little bit of something that we're not...quite yet. Many people blog as the person that they wish they were: full of adventure, always happy, physically fit, and gorgeous. Lets face it, we're not all that. I mean, do your kids seriously only do cute things all the time? Do you live in a land where the lighting is always perfect no matter what time you take a photo? Is your dog seriously that charming? Are you always this funny?
**If you answered YES to all four of these questions, call me immediately and I'll let the angels know that you're perfect...I'm sure they'll text the Big Guy for us...He'll want to know."

Then she went on to ask these questions:

"What would you NEVER include on your blog? why? BE CREATIVE

What will you ALWAYS include on your blog? why? again BE CREATIVE

What audience are you "performing" for? (ie: other mommies, college friends, far away family...essentially, what's the point?)

Answer any or all of these questions. If you have something else to say about the matter, make it known...let it all out."

So peeps who read my blog: what is your blogging type? I would like to say I am a performer. I like comments. No, I love comments. I love posting personal things about my life- but not too personal unless I feel the need to. I like people to be updated on my life.. because truthfully, I would rather tell you about my life on my blog than on the phone. I know. Where are my communication skills? But really though, I love to blog. It's my journal. I should do it more. I check it every day... and I have time to do it. I just need to do it. I spend hours reading other blogs laughing, crying, in AWE at beautiful pictures posted.. and last but not least, it's my job for a living! I make blogs and update them every day for Cedar Fort. I know a lot of people read my blog because most of them are the 11 kids in my family.. (so I at least have that many readers) But with my Cedar Fort blogs, it's harder to get readers. It's interesting stuff, and I post fun recipes and xmas crafts and whatnot. I think it's because not a lot of people know what or who cedar fort is and the blogs are only about a month old. I guess it did take me a long time to get readers on this blog. (well, about 5 or 6 months.)

Anyway. I plan to print my blog out into a book after the first year. Every year I will do that- and keep them as a journal. It will be fun to look at them year after year. So- what is your blogging type, and why do you blog the way you do? And- why do you read my blog? haha.. I'm looking for some interesting comments now.

BTW- you have to read my friend Jena's embarrassing story on her blog. I laughed for 20 minutes because I can literally see her doing it. Read it right here.

BTW here are my answers to those above questions.

I would NEVER include any fights I have with Kevin, because I don't want you to think he is anything less than perfect :) haha, really though. Those things are personal and usually stupid fights that are over in 5 minutes. Oh the joys of newlyweddness. I would NEVER include something I think is boring. Truly. If I think it's interesting, I post it. Sorry if you don't agree. HAHA

I ALWAYS include what is going on in my life so I don't have to repeat it a million times to my 11 siblings. I ALWAYS include pictures that show what things I have been doing recently. It makes it more interesting. Catches your attention. I know it does. I ALWAYS include anything funny that has happened or been said. I ALWAYS include ramblings about myself... sickness, health, happiness, and anything I think will get comments or be read. Haha.. Selfish me.

I SOMETIMES post spiritual experiences, and really personal things to do with myself. It's good for me to share my feelings. It is my journal isn't it?

I THINK I PERFORM for my Family, and Friends. Now that I am married, I more perform for my family because my friends are all in such different stages now and don't share the same things as I do. I PERFORM for anyone who will read me. ANYONE.

Thats it. Gillybean out.


Debbie (Nerd Goddess) said...

Hmmm... those are some great questions! It's funny how we all have different reasons for doing the same sort of things.

Right now I'm blogging so I can build up a good readership for when I try and get published. I used to NEVER use my real name or try to post personal information when I blogged in order to keep myself self, but now I WANT people to be able to type my name into google and find me, so when I try and get a book published I'll already have a following of readers, and a steady blog already. Kind of funny, I know.

On the other hand I do post some more personal things for family and friends. It doesn't have to all be about writing.

The Duke said...

I blog simply to keep my kids close to me. With all my kids scattered far and away, it is the main way to see photos of granchildren I rarely get to see. It is my opportunity to read about the funny and sad things they do. It is a way for me to get to know them a little bit.
I also love to hear my kids' ideas and know what kind of activities and events that they are participating in at a particular moment in their lives.
It is, indeed, a family journal and I'm so happy that we get most of the kids to participate. We have a few that are laggers but I'm sure they have their reasons for not posting much.
I love to read about everybody.
I read Jena's story and laughed as well because I can see her doing that, too. She's one funny girl!

Mike and Adrianne said...

I blog because I love to write, because I have a lot to say, because I live so far away from most of you, because I have three boys that do crazy things, because I have three boys that only speak kid and I need to feel connected to people (so people please comment!), because I need to have a history of our family for our children and because I want them to know of my love for them and my love for the Gospel. That's why I blog. Lots of reasons. I always love comments and I always like to make people feel they left better in some way (even if its only because they read what a bad mom I am sometimes and that makes them feel better). The end.

Blog more. And, I'm reading your other blogs and I am using one of your ideas for a present for Mike.

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Debbie- Thats a good reason to blog. I think it's cool that you are wanting to write a book. Personal Blogging will totally help you build up your relationship with your readers.

Adrianne- I love reading your blog. I am not as good at commenting on others, which I will try to fix. I think your blog is awesome. You always write about such funny and cute things your kids do. It's a good way to never forget what they said or did, and easier to type than write with a pen in my opinion.

Mom, I think starting our family blog was one of the best things we have done! It has been so fun to see all of those pictures from the family and hear stories about their kids and whatnot. I'm glad you are tech savvy so you can follow along :)

Jess and Jen said...

I would never criticize my wife on my blog. It just makes others reading it uncomfortable and isn't fair to air dirty laundry in public like that. That's what I'd never write about.

I write mostly for friends, not family. I know my family reads my blog -- which I appreciate -- but my objective is for others. -Jess

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Jess, you used to post a lot more than you do now. You guys don't hardly put pictures on anymore!


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