Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our First Christmas together! Warning, Lots of pics!

Kev and I had a really fun Christmas. I was a little sad that it would be my first Christmas away from home and thought it might be hard, but it wasn't hard at all! It was really fun, and we got to see both families.

This is a picture of me on Christmas Eve before we loaded up the presents to the car

We went up to my Mom and Dad's for a few hours on Christmas Eve. We got each of them something- my mom some lotion and bubble bath, Dad a book, Katie a scarf, and Ammon a picture frame with a picture of him and I in it. We also printed off a picture of the whole family on our wedding day so they can have one for themselves! We wanted them to open their presents in front of us since we would be spending the next morning at his mom and dads house.

They gave us a really cute ornament that represents us on our wedding day in front of the SLC temple. It is so cute! The boy even has a little red tint to his hair and I have blonde hair. Our first ornament!

This is my nephew Anderson. He is so cute! He is standing in front of Kevs moms tree. We went to their house around 6 on Christmas Eve and ate TONS of good food!

They do an ornament exchange every year. Everyone wraps it up and then we read a story and pass the present around until the story is over (the right left story).

Kev made sure I felt right at home the whole time I was there so I didn't get homesick. He really is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so glad I get to spend Christmas with him forever!

My nieces Aubrey and Camryn were attached to my hip all night! I had alot of fun being with them. It helped me not miss my family!

We played the "face game" where you move your head side to side all relaxed and take a picture in the mean time to see how it turns out. It was so funny!

The little kids acted out the nativity

This is Jane, the new niece in the family! I love her!

Kevin made me 3 shadow boxes (one is still being made, he started doing them tuesday during his lunch breaks at work) and I love them! I cant wait to paint them and hang them up. Kev, you are the best! Oh- and I look yucky in the mornings! yea!

Lindsey sent us an amazing Santa and lots of candy from Germany. (we were really really tired, so we look nasty haha) I was excited to get them because I have been wanting to start a Santa collection like my mom has! Thanks Lindsey! We loved it!

Me and baby john on Christmas! my arm looks mongo right here.. haha! I love this baby. He was so cute on Christmas. Oh, and this picture kinda shows the dark in my hair! First time I ever did it. I like it alot- but its taken some getting used to!

After opening Presents at Kevs house, we went to my moms house and had the traditional Pizza dinner. She only made 4 pizzas and kev and I only got two small pieces so I was hoping for a little more (she usually makes like 7!) but it was still good. Looks like Lauren loved it too!

Last pic but not least, Ammon got an 11 pound Chocolate bar!!! Lucky boy! He might have to just share some with me!
After going to my moms, we went back to Kevins and went to a movie with everyone in their family. The girls went and saw The Princess And The Frog, and the boys saw Avatar. I loved Christmas!
Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was great!
Now, I am headed off to Las Vegas on Tuesday for my very best friend Ally's 21st BDAY!!! (no we arent going to drink or gamble) but we are going to price is right, getting a massage, going out to a nice dinner, and doing whatever the heck we want. Can't wait!


Tana said...

I like the brown in your bangs! Very cute! It is so nice to have both of your families right their..especially for holidays and all. Looked like you guys had a great day! Miss ya much.

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Tana I really missed you and Dave this year! I really need you to come home to me! Haha. Really though, I miss having you around. It was fun when we got to hang out! How was your Christmas?

Tana said...

Our Christmas was a lot of relaxing..which was great. We stayed the night at my parents house. Did the whole gifts in the morning and then just napped, ate and played games for the rest of the day. I will be putting pictures up soon!


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