Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Time!

Ok, a few things have been happening lately.

1. What? It's Christmas tomorrow?! Wha.. already? Man. Where has this year gone?! So much has happened for me in this last year.
-I finished hair school
-I bought my first car
-I moved out in march
-I got MARRIED!!!! to the best most handsome guy ever in july
-I got a job at Cedar Fort making blogs
-I passed my state boards
-I read over 50 books
-I taught Musical Theater again, and performed at the end year show
-I started an adult dance class
-I wanted a baby, and now i'm good without one. I just will have to babysit every once in a while to feed that want.
-I put dark dark brown in my bangs for the first time... I was brave! I never do color in my hair but blonde!
-Kevin and I hit a deer on the way to Elk Ridge. Brought back memories of when Dave and I hit an elk in salem and he said a very bad word.. and I think I did too... scared the poop out of me.
-I went to california, twice!!
-I went to Zions and had the best time ever!
-I visitied the hospital so many times I cant count anymore
-I got a new best friend, Ammon. (well, he always kinda was, but I have gotten really close and attached to him this year.)
-I sold my car
-I was on the Conan O'Brian Show
-I was on KSL for 2.5 seconds haha
-I swam in the ocean a few times
-I made new friends and strengthened old ones
-I went on a trip to St. George just to eat In N Out with Britt and Ally on a sat night, we came home sunday morning before church.
-I sang in church prob 5 or 6 times
-I missed my brothers and sisters. alot. and cried too. I wish they all lived here.
-I got Adenitis (swollen lymph nodes of the appendix. suck.) and cysts.
-I got the MOST PAINFUL shots in my feet for plantar fasciitis
-I worked at the mall for the first time ever
-I bought groceries for the first time (for kev and me)
-I got Endowed
-I walked out of the bathroom in the temple with my dress tucked into my garments, and lost my locker key all in the same night (thats a story for another time.. ugh.)
-I said some things I didn't mean to my dad.
-I said some things I didn't mean to my mom.
-In fact, make that my whole family.
-Kev and I bought our first DVD player.

Thats just a few that I can think of right now. More to come when the new year gets here.

2. Someone Doorbell ditched a 32' TV on our doorstep. I think it was our neighbors because they asked us to babysit one night and said they would pay us with their old TV (they got a new one) but we said we werent going to do that, that we would just babysit for free. Lo, and behold, we got a TV on our doorstep the other night. So, we splurged and bought a DVD player last night, and watched a movie in our bedroom! It was so nice to lay in bed and watch a movie that wasn't on our cracked screen laptop!! (my bad.) Thanks whoever did it!

3. I am at work right now till noon. Kinda wishing I was still in bed with my hubby. We are spending Christmas at his house this year. It might be kinda sad. (for me). I have always been at my house so it will be new to be away from my family. But, I still will get to see my family on Christmas for the traditional Pizza. mmm...

4. I have recently decided I wanna go to college. I wanna sing. I want to change peoples lives. I want to sing forever. and ever. I miss it. EVERY day.

5. I have had this recent obsession with the show One Tree Hill. Wow. Chad Michael Murry is hot. (Kevin is hotter.) but that just means kevin must be super off the rictor (sp?) scale hot because I think Chad is just about the best looking man on this earth.

6. I am bored! That is why I am posting.

Merry Christmas peeps. Miss you all and love you all. Another year without my siblings. This sucks. I need my sisters. I am really missing them.


Anonymous said...

Jilly, it's Kilee. I read your blog sometimes while I'm at work, and I love it. It sounds like everything is going well, and I'm glad!! I love you and hope you and Kev have a Merry Christmas!

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Kilee! You need to get a blog! I will help you make one for you and your boy if you want! Merry Christmas to you too. I miss you. Call me!

Jess and Jen said...

Gillian, this was a funny post. We might have an extra TV converter box so you can get digital channels. I'll look and if I find it I'll bring it down tomorrow. Because you're going to see me. Not that you want to because I'm not your sister, but you're going to see me anyway. -Jess

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Haha, I miss you too Jess. I love my brothers as much as my sisters. I just have all my brothers here :) and I do miss you when we dont see you for a while. That would be awesome if you had an extra box! see you tomorrow!

Lokodi said...

That's a cute blog Gilly. Fun to read. I liked your list of things you did this year. Good idea. What's this about you being on the Conan O'Brian show?

I miss you too. Hope you have a great christmas. It's always an adjustment the first time you spend christmas without your parents. I remember how wierd it was for me too. You'll still have a fun day. Love you girl.



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