Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our First Christmas together! Warning, Lots of pics!

Kev and I had a really fun Christmas. I was a little sad that it would be my first Christmas away from home and thought it might be hard, but it wasn't hard at all! It was really fun, and we got to see both families.

This is a picture of me on Christmas Eve before we loaded up the presents to the car

We went up to my Mom and Dad's for a few hours on Christmas Eve. We got each of them something- my mom some lotion and bubble bath, Dad a book, Katie a scarf, and Ammon a picture frame with a picture of him and I in it. We also printed off a picture of the whole family on our wedding day so they can have one for themselves! We wanted them to open their presents in front of us since we would be spending the next morning at his mom and dads house.

They gave us a really cute ornament that represents us on our wedding day in front of the SLC temple. It is so cute! The boy even has a little red tint to his hair and I have blonde hair. Our first ornament!

This is my nephew Anderson. He is so cute! He is standing in front of Kevs moms tree. We went to their house around 6 on Christmas Eve and ate TONS of good food!

They do an ornament exchange every year. Everyone wraps it up and then we read a story and pass the present around until the story is over (the right left story).

Kev made sure I felt right at home the whole time I was there so I didn't get homesick. He really is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so glad I get to spend Christmas with him forever!

My nieces Aubrey and Camryn were attached to my hip all night! I had alot of fun being with them. It helped me not miss my family!

We played the "face game" where you move your head side to side all relaxed and take a picture in the mean time to see how it turns out. It was so funny!

The little kids acted out the nativity

This is Jane, the new niece in the family! I love her!

Kevin made me 3 shadow boxes (one is still being made, he started doing them tuesday during his lunch breaks at work) and I love them! I cant wait to paint them and hang them up. Kev, you are the best! Oh- and I look yucky in the mornings! yea!

Lindsey sent us an amazing Santa and lots of candy from Germany. (we were really really tired, so we look nasty haha) I was excited to get them because I have been wanting to start a Santa collection like my mom has! Thanks Lindsey! We loved it!

Me and baby john on Christmas! my arm looks mongo right here.. haha! I love this baby. He was so cute on Christmas. Oh, and this picture kinda shows the dark in my hair! First time I ever did it. I like it alot- but its taken some getting used to!

After opening Presents at Kevs house, we went to my moms house and had the traditional Pizza dinner. She only made 4 pizzas and kev and I only got two small pieces so I was hoping for a little more (she usually makes like 7!) but it was still good. Looks like Lauren loved it too!

Last pic but not least, Ammon got an 11 pound Chocolate bar!!! Lucky boy! He might have to just share some with me!
After going to my moms, we went back to Kevins and went to a movie with everyone in their family. The girls went and saw The Princess And The Frog, and the boys saw Avatar. I loved Christmas!
Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was great!
Now, I am headed off to Las Vegas on Tuesday for my very best friend Ally's 21st BDAY!!! (no we arent going to drink or gamble) but we are going to price is right, getting a massage, going out to a nice dinner, and doing whatever the heck we want. Can't wait!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Time!

Ok, a few things have been happening lately.

1. What? It's Christmas tomorrow?! Wha.. already? Man. Where has this year gone?! So much has happened for me in this last year.
-I finished hair school
-I bought my first car
-I moved out in march
-I got MARRIED!!!! to the best most handsome guy ever in july
-I got a job at Cedar Fort making blogs
-I passed my state boards
-I read over 50 books
-I taught Musical Theater again, and performed at the end year show
-I started an adult dance class
-I wanted a baby, and now i'm good without one. I just will have to babysit every once in a while to feed that want.
-I put dark dark brown in my bangs for the first time... I was brave! I never do color in my hair but blonde!
-Kevin and I hit a deer on the way to Elk Ridge. Brought back memories of when Dave and I hit an elk in salem and he said a very bad word.. and I think I did too... scared the poop out of me.
-I went to california, twice!!
-I went to Zions and had the best time ever!
-I visitied the hospital so many times I cant count anymore
-I got a new best friend, Ammon. (well, he always kinda was, but I have gotten really close and attached to him this year.)
-I sold my car
-I was on the Conan O'Brian Show
-I was on KSL for 2.5 seconds haha
-I swam in the ocean a few times
-I made new friends and strengthened old ones
-I went on a trip to St. George just to eat In N Out with Britt and Ally on a sat night, we came home sunday morning before church.
-I sang in church prob 5 or 6 times
-I missed my brothers and sisters. alot. and cried too. I wish they all lived here.
-I got Adenitis (swollen lymph nodes of the appendix. suck.) and cysts.
-I got the MOST PAINFUL shots in my feet for plantar fasciitis
-I worked at the mall for the first time ever
-I bought groceries for the first time (for kev and me)
-I got Endowed
-I walked out of the bathroom in the temple with my dress tucked into my garments, and lost my locker key all in the same night (thats a story for another time.. ugh.)
-I said some things I didn't mean to my dad.
-I said some things I didn't mean to my mom.
-In fact, make that my whole family.
-Kev and I bought our first DVD player.

Thats just a few that I can think of right now. More to come when the new year gets here.

2. Someone Doorbell ditched a 32' TV on our doorstep. I think it was our neighbors because they asked us to babysit one night and said they would pay us with their old TV (they got a new one) but we said we werent going to do that, that we would just babysit for free. Lo, and behold, we got a TV on our doorstep the other night. So, we splurged and bought a DVD player last night, and watched a movie in our bedroom! It was so nice to lay in bed and watch a movie that wasn't on our cracked screen laptop!! (my bad.) Thanks whoever did it!

3. I am at work right now till noon. Kinda wishing I was still in bed with my hubby. We are spending Christmas at his house this year. It might be kinda sad. (for me). I have always been at my house so it will be new to be away from my family. But, I still will get to see my family on Christmas for the traditional Pizza. mmm...

4. I have recently decided I wanna go to college. I wanna sing. I want to change peoples lives. I want to sing forever. and ever. I miss it. EVERY day.

5. I have had this recent obsession with the show One Tree Hill. Wow. Chad Michael Murry is hot. (Kevin is hotter.) but that just means kevin must be super off the rictor (sp?) scale hot because I think Chad is just about the best looking man on this earth.

6. I am bored! That is why I am posting.

Merry Christmas peeps. Miss you all and love you all. Another year without my siblings. This sucks. I need my sisters. I am really missing them.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Introducing Baby Jane!

Kevin's brother Steve and his wife Sharese welcomed in their 3rd baby girl yesterday! Yay for a new niece. She is so cute. I don't think she looks like an alien. (Or a super duper newborn for that matter!) She looks alot older than she is I think. She was 8 pounds 15 ounces- and 19 1/2 inches long. Her name is Jane Alice Mohlman. She is such a cutie! Glad to have a new niece to play with! She is strong and healthy and will be going home tomorrow.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spare Change! Save all your pennies my friends!

I finished reading "Spare Change" by Aubrey Mace last night. The book is about a woman in her 20's, single, and working at a Cancer Treatment Center- who makes a new years resolution that "changes" her life. Her family has a tradition of making new years resolutions every year- although she doesn't think they really work. She thinks making goals (ones you wish you could accomplish, but never do..) just set you up for failure. This year however, is different for her. She decides to save all her pennies and spare change and at the end of the  year, she will cash them in to a charity fund- to the place she works at for the cancer patients. People find out about it and start donating their change (even twenty dollar bills) to help her reach her goal. This book kept me crying, laughing, smiling, and feeling good inside. It really inspired me to do something like that myself...

I decided I too am going to start saving pennies. I have always told the cashier to keep the spare change- but now, I can collect it, and donate it to a good cause. Who is with me? I am donating my funds to the Spina Bifida Association.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This was fun!

Well, I have nothing fun to write about. So, here is a survey that I found on facebook. I tag Chelsey, Adrianne, Lindsey, Amanda Lovell, Michelle Lindsley, and Kaitlin!

We all know your name. We all know your birthday, what color your eyes are, what your favorite food is. I’m not going to ask those dumb questions. Instead…

-Any names your parents were thinking about that you would prefer? I actually don't know. I think Gillian was always going to be my name.

-If you had to pick one outfit that you currently own to wear for the rest of your life, what would it consist of? My Jeans from Charlotte Russe, and my Red/Maroon Sweater Shirt. You can dress it down or up.

-What do you think is going to happen to you after you die? I am going to HEAVEN. Because I am definitely perfect. HAHA

-What TV show have you seen every episode of? Glee!!!! And- Getting close to One Tree Hill

-What movie can you quote every line to? Simon Birch, Legally Blonde and Hot Rod

-What bands have you seen in concert? None. (I have seen only country. Taylor Swift, Faith and Tim McGraw, and Diamond Rio

-What bands would you like to see in concert? Relient K

-If you had the money to retire anywhere in the world, where would you go? Somewhere amazingly tropical.

-Is there a piece of jewelry or something similar that if you lost, you would feel naked? my wedding ring!

-What is one thing [appearance-wise or other] you would change about yourself? The fact that I am super sensitive and cry alot. I hate that.

-One thing you would change about your best friend? Make it so she wasn't single so we could do married people things!!

-Everyone remembers their first birthday party that involved friends. Describe yours.
What do you think is the perfect age and why? I was 13 and It was my first and only party. (until I turned 18.) We had Pizza and played games and watched a Mary Kate and Ashley Movie. I hated it. They also slept over.

-If you could go back in time and change your first kiss, would you? Yes. I would have changed my first kiss to be Kevin, and kept it that he was my ONLY kiss. I wanted him to be my first- because he is already my last.

-How many times have you said “I love you” to someone of the opposite sex [romantically] and meant it? probably only 3 times. Brandon, John, and Kevin.

-How many times have you said it and not meant it? None. I don't think.

-Which member of your family has the biggest influence on your life? Ammon. By FAR

-If you won a $1,000 shopping spree to one store, what store would you want it to be? Charolette Russe. Its my favorite store!!!

-Which is your favorite comic book movie [The Hulk, Spiderman, Ironman, etc]? Ironman.

-What do you think this phrase means: “I am drearily bloodletting this bedwetting cosmonaut”? Wow. That went over my head

-If you could go back in time and relive one memory – relive it, not change it – what memory would it be? Anytime Ammon was in the hospital. I hate thinking of him in pain.

-How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike? 5 in Indiana

-Who taught you? Lance, Lindsey, and Lane I think

When you go to the movies, do you like to get candy or popcorn? Popcorn

Describe the first real party you ever went to [i.e. first party with alcohol]. None.

If you’ve never been to one, explain why not. Because I am LDS and I don't drink- or put myself in situations where I would have to

Did/do you like high school? Why or why not? I did but only because of Choir. I was sick alot of my senior year so it was ok I guess.

Do you have ONE best friend, who stands out among all the others, that’s been there for you seemingly forever? No. I have 3 best friends. Ally, Britt, and Alyssa. Cant live without any of them

If so, who is it?

If not, do you prefer having just a group of good friends, or would you like to have that one best friend? Both. It depends on how I am feeling or what my situation is. I like to hang out with alot of people but I love having my alone time with my 3 besties.

Do you prefer the sound of electric, acoustic, or steel guitar? Acoustic

Have you ever read the Bible – even just a little part of it? Yes. All the time.

Have you ever read the Koran? No
What was the best pet you’ve ever had? None. I haven't really had a pet

Out of all the states you’ve visited/lived in, which is your favorite? CALI!!!

Do you enjoy jigsaw puzzles? No

If you were allowed one murder without punishment, would you do it? Never. How could you feel good about it?!

Where do you keep your wallet when you’re out and about? In my purse

Have you ever seen a ghost? No, but I have felt that people are with me sometimes.

How about seen things happen that you think were caused by a ghost? No

Did you have Beanie Babies as a kid? Yes. I used to save up for them. There was a lady who gave them out for Halloween trick or treating in Elk Ridge.

Did you have tag protectors for their tags, or did you just rip the tags off? No I kept them on

Do you prefer stripes or polka dots? Depends what its on

What’s the best Christmas present you ever received? My camera two years ago- and money for Cali last year.

Which of your birthdays was the most memorable? Prob my 20th. I got an ipod!

Name one song you can play on an instrument – any instrument. "He Hears Me" on the piano.

Who taught you to play that song? Myself

Out of all the teachers you’ve had, who had the biggest influence on you? Mr. Lunt or Mr. Trimble

Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle? Yea- a few times. Once for 2 hours all the way to Kanosh with Reed James

How about a moped? Yep. Around BYU

When you were little, what was your favorite Disney movie? Cinderella. Still is

What’s your favorite Disney movie now? Still Cinderella

On the opposite sex, do you prefer muscles, average size, or scrawny bodies? Average Size. I prefer Kevin. MMMMMM

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received from a significant other? My wedding ring from Kevin :)

What’s your favorite kind of chips? Doritos or Cheese

That you know of, do you have any famous ancestors? Minerva Teichert.

Did you ever beg your parents for a pony? Yes. I still want one

Would you rather be blind or deaf? Ugh. Blind. I love music

Is there someone you’ve been enemies with since you were little, and it’s never changed despite growing up and becoming more mature? Yes and no I wont tell you her name.

What laundry soap do you think smells the best? Tide. I dunno. The ones Hispanics use on their clothes. They always smell good

Do you prefer Spongebob or Patrick? NEITHER

If you’re currently dating someone, would you be ready to elope with them right now if they asked? NA

If you’re not dating someone, can you think of one person that you would elope with right now if they asked?NA

Who do you think is the hottest actor/actress in Hollywood right now? Taylor Lautner

Do you watch The Office? Sometimes

If you don’t, have you at least seen one episode?

If you haven’t, are you aware that you should be brutally punished?

What’s the stupidest TV show on the air right now? The Family Guy

Have you ever written a song or a poem? Tried to.

If you have, have you ever written a song or a poem for someone? No

Last but not least, type some funny or inspiring lyrics as a closing: I'm Alive! Haha I couldn't think of anythin.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Temple Square

We went to Temple Square last night with our friends Whitney and Tanner. It was so much fun! Going to see the lights is my favorite thing to do at Christmas time. I am so glad I got a new camera for my birthday so I could take pictures of all the pretty lights. It seems like they do less and less lights every year though- does anyone else agree? It was kinda fun to go back to the SLC temple- 4 months after we were married. It really reminded us of our wedding day and how much fun it was. It made it that much more fun to be there now that I have been inside of the temple and got sealed to my best friend there for eternity. I am sure every time I go back to that temple, I will feel that way. :)

We first went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I had never been there and it was pretty good. I don't really like plain old spaghetti- so I got fettuccine. It was way good! We then parked about 3 blocks from the temple so we could walk around town and enjoy all the lights everywhere. I love salt lake city around Christmas time!


Did I mention that I LOVE my camera? So glad I had one there. Hope you all got to enjoy the lights this year too- and if not.. sorry! OH- and guess what! We saw Boyd K. Packer there! He was walking into the temple (the weird door by the visitors center kinda that has no windows or anything- I think that is where you go in for baptisms) It was cool. We didn't get to say hi or anything- It was just quick that we saw him. Cool.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hypoglycemic Diet and Migraines. Warning: Long post.

I have recently decided that I am going to start a diet. This is going to be very very hard for me. I have gained some weight in the last 6 months and I am determined to keep it off. I haven't changed my eating habits, but I have changed my excercising habits.

With my feet having plantar fasciitis, I am not allowed to dance anymore. The problem with my feet is that my ligaments are way too loose (in most cases, they are too tight, and that is why they hurt) and that allows too much mobility in my feet and causes me to sprain and bruise my feet easier than most people. So, Dancing is out. I don't run anymore either. I used to run sometimes (prob only like 2 miles a week) and used to do crunches every night.

Now, I don't work out hardly at all and am having problems keeping myself looking hip and skinny (haha.. right.) So. Thus, the diet.

I also have been getting migraines REALLY bad like I was in high school again. It's kinda starting to depress me a little. I just met this girl in my ward, Anna, that has horrible Migraines too. We talked about it and discovered that we are the same age, our migraines started at the same age, we both have tried the same medicines, and nothing has seemed to help. She recently saw a doctor at the BYU clinic. He told her that they DO know what causes migraines, and said it's a neurological disease that you are born with. It cannont however go away, but can be prevented with certain things. I.E. Medicine, Knowing what triggers you.. etc.

Her doctor put her on this Hypoglycemic diet. They have found that a better diet- (this one in particular) has helped prevent migraines. However, I cannont eat chocolate, drink soda... and I have to start eating whole wheat food. It is going to be really hard for me, but I know I can do it. I would rather grow up and get over my pickyness than live with migraines my whole life. I have learned a few of my triggers- I know that the cold weather is killer and always gives me a migraine. If I wait too long to eat, I get one. If I am tired, I get one. If I eat lots of sugar or fatty foods, I get one. (sounds weird, but I do) If I get too much sleep, I get one. (there is no inbetween.) If I get stressed out or tense, I get one. If I cry, I get one. Really. I have to avoid so many things, and I hate it. I hate living my life day to day walking on egg shells not knowing if I am going to be in pain when I wake up.

Anything I can do will help me- so I want to start the diet and see if it works. It works for my friend, so hopefully it will help me. Even if it's just taking my migraines down to 2 a week- I will feel better! I am going to share the most personal story I probably can share about myself because I want you to understand migraines. I want people to believe me- because those who haven't had them, don't understand. Please don't judge me because of this story, or think I am a crazy person- just listen, and understand.

When I was a senior in high school, I started getting migraines really bad. At first, I thought it was just stress. I was in Encore, Chamber Choir, and Ambassadors, and teaching dance and dancing. My life was insane! I thought it was just because I was always on the go. But, November came around, and it got really bad. I was getting them 4 times a week- sometimes one would last all week long. I would black out, throw up alot, never have an appetite, and coudln't help but cry even though crying made it worse. It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. My head would be so heavy- and pounding as if someone was hitting my head over and over again with a hammer. I started missing school alot. I had bad grades. I failed tests. I lost my friends. They all thought I was lying or just didn't wanna come to school- so they all ignored it and thought I was being a baby. (I think my family felt that way too.) It came to the point where I was NEVER going out. The only time I left the house was for choir. Any other time, I was home. I stopped being social. I didn't go to church. I was in pain so much and not only because of my migraines, but because migraines took my life away. I would stay home and hang out with my mom and dad, or sitting in my room with all the lights off, sleeping. I would come home from school at 3, and sleep till dinner, and then go back to bed. I fell into a deep depression that no one really knew about. I was good at hiding it.

I wanted to die so many times. I wanted the pain to go away. I would loose all life in my body- and just cry and cry because of the constant banging in my head. I had no one to turn to. My friends didn't believe me, my family didn't believe me, no one did. I went and got an MRI- where they found Arnold Chiari- when your brain sits too low in your head and pushes on your brain stem, causing tension headaches, eventually turning into migraines. It wasn't severe, it was barley noticeable in the MRI. At least then, I was glad that I had it, because that would mean that there was a reason for people to believe me and my pain. It was like HA- in your face.

I finally went to the Neurologist- and tried a a million different pills- none of which helped me. I tried pain killers, nope. They didn't work either. She gave me Topomax- which I lost ten pounds on. I was starving all the time when I was on that pill- but every time I went to eat, I had no appetite and either felt sick when I looked at food, or threw up. I lost ten pounds that month.

I became deeply depressed. I honestly didn't feel there was a reason to live. This is the very personal part. One day, I went up to my mom and cried and said "mom, I almost just took all my pills in that bottle. I want to die." She freaked out, and just held me while I cried. I literally wanted to take all the pills to end my life. (I didn't take any because I knew how stupid and childish that was when I came to my mind) Migraines had ruined my life. She asked me to go see the bishop (who at the time, was bishop coates who is a psychiatrist). I continued to meet with him, and eventually got over it and pulled out of the depression. I finally found a pill my senior year that helped me, called Amitryptylene (sp?!) It was a preventative medicine. I had to take 3 pills every night- and could NOT miss a night, or I would get a migraine that was worse than what I had ever had before. For the last 3 years, I have been on that medicine and have shaved my migraines off to about 1 a week or less. (usually less depending on my triggers and situation)

Just so you know, Migraines limit your life. If you have one, you can't drive most of the time. You cant jump up and be normal. You never know when you are going to get one either- and that sucks.

I continued to keep a journal of my headaches, and of my situation when I got one. I saw the Neurologist every 6 months- and she told me that sometimes, people grew out of migraines. So, 4 months ago, I decided to ween myself off of the medicine. Reasons being: no insurance when I got married, and you cannot get prego on it or breastfeed. (me being a newlywed was scared to accidentally get prego and give my child a birth defect) I weened my self off of it, and seemed to be doing fine. But- as the months have gone on, I am getting them more and more often again.

My reason being in sharing this- be compassionate for people who get migraines! You NEVER know what is happening or how bad they are, because you haven't had one. I feel bad for the people who have one even once a year! Also, if you have migraines, get it taken care of. Don't go as long as I did. It will ruin your life for the time being.

Now, I am going to go to the doc, and discuss my possibilities with him about them. I am going to start my diet, and do everything I can to make it good! I hope you can all pray for me and help me along the way. I think I will start the diet after Christmas- cuz I can't ignore my mom's BBQ Beef and Homemade Pizza.. mmmmmmmm...

I hope you don't think I am a crazy person now. I really am normal. Have been for 2 years now. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I had a dream about my sister Lindsey last night. It was her one year anniversarie with Hans and so she decided to renew their vows. She bought a new wedding dress and we had this huge elaborate reception in the Coates back yard. Just thought you should all know.

It was REALLY weird. Dreams are so weird! I usually remember them- because I am a light sleeper, so I wake up and the dream was just right there, and seemed so real. I wake up so easily, and sometimes I hate that because if I am having a good dream, poof! It's gone.

What did you dream about last night?

Just a note. When someone is having a bad day, don't tell them to quit being a baby. Chances are you have no idea what happened. Just sayin. It's rude.

Have a good day!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is your blogging type?

I read Annalece Boothe's Blog and she posted something about "What is your blogging type?"

It reads something like this:

"note: if you don't blog, apply this to your FaceBook life, Twitter life, MySpace life, etc.

It's no secret that we all perform as bloggers. There is such an element of being a little bit of something that we're not...quite yet. Many people blog as the person that they wish they were: full of adventure, always happy, physically fit, and gorgeous. Lets face it, we're not all that. I mean, do your kids seriously only do cute things all the time? Do you live in a land where the lighting is always perfect no matter what time you take a photo? Is your dog seriously that charming? Are you always this funny?
**If you answered YES to all four of these questions, call me immediately and I'll let the angels know that you're perfect...I'm sure they'll text the Big Guy for us...He'll want to know."

Then she went on to ask these questions:

"What would you NEVER include on your blog? why? BE CREATIVE

What will you ALWAYS include on your blog? why? again BE CREATIVE

What audience are you "performing" for? (ie: other mommies, college friends, far away family...essentially, what's the point?)

Answer any or all of these questions. If you have something else to say about the matter, make it known...let it all out."

So peeps who read my blog: what is your blogging type? I would like to say I am a performer. I like comments. No, I love comments. I love posting personal things about my life- but not too personal unless I feel the need to. I like people to be updated on my life.. because truthfully, I would rather tell you about my life on my blog than on the phone. I know. Where are my communication skills? But really though, I love to blog. It's my journal. I should do it more. I check it every day... and I have time to do it. I just need to do it. I spend hours reading other blogs laughing, crying, in AWE at beautiful pictures posted.. and last but not least, it's my job for a living! I make blogs and update them every day for Cedar Fort. I know a lot of people read my blog because most of them are the 11 kids in my family.. (so I at least have that many readers) But with my Cedar Fort blogs, it's harder to get readers. It's interesting stuff, and I post fun recipes and xmas crafts and whatnot. I think it's because not a lot of people know what or who cedar fort is and the blogs are only about a month old. I guess it did take me a long time to get readers on this blog. (well, about 5 or 6 months.)

Anyway. I plan to print my blog out into a book after the first year. Every year I will do that- and keep them as a journal. It will be fun to look at them year after year. So- what is your blogging type, and why do you blog the way you do? And- why do you read my blog? haha.. I'm looking for some interesting comments now.

BTW- you have to read my friend Jena's embarrassing story on her blog. I laughed for 20 minutes because I can literally see her doing it. Read it right here.

BTW here are my answers to those above questions.

I would NEVER include any fights I have with Kevin, because I don't want you to think he is anything less than perfect :) haha, really though. Those things are personal and usually stupid fights that are over in 5 minutes. Oh the joys of newlyweddness. I would NEVER include something I think is boring. Truly. If I think it's interesting, I post it. Sorry if you don't agree. HAHA

I ALWAYS include what is going on in my life so I don't have to repeat it a million times to my 11 siblings. I ALWAYS include pictures that show what things I have been doing recently. It makes it more interesting. Catches your attention. I know it does. I ALWAYS include anything funny that has happened or been said. I ALWAYS include ramblings about myself... sickness, health, happiness, and anything I think will get comments or be read. Haha.. Selfish me.

I SOMETIMES post spiritual experiences, and really personal things to do with myself. It's good for me to share my feelings. It is my journal isn't it?

I THINK I PERFORM for my Family, and Friends. Now that I am married, I more perform for my family because my friends are all in such different stages now and don't share the same things as I do. I PERFORM for anyone who will read me. ANYONE.

Thats it. Gillybean out.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Christmas time!

Well, You know me, I love Christmas. My favorite part of it is setting up the tree and the anticipation of all the good things to come during the month of December! On Black Friday, Kevin and I went shopping (not till 9 AM) and got this tree for 30 dollars at Walmart. It was pre-lit and is 6'5" feet tall. It's kinda bare, and there are a lot of open parts but I love it because it's our first tree! I chose to stick with all the red and green since green is my favorite color.

Here is a close up of our tree. I got all my ornaments at walmart
I got all my decor at the dollar store!

I got the wreath at home depot for 9 dollars. It's pre lit- and I got the sign in the middle from the dollar store. I just put them together.

Here are some things I want to do this Christmas Season:
Ice Skating
Temple Square
Make cookies
Make Christmas Crafts
Make Gingerbread houses
Have a friends xmas party
Eat good food

Here are some things I dont want to do this Christmas Season:
Shovel snow
Freeze my bum off
Miss my brothers and sisters very much
Drive in the snow
Spend all my money.. haha
Fall on ice

Hope you all are enjoying the month. HaPpY hOlIdAyS!

My 21st Birthday!- warning: lots of pictures.

YAY! I'm 21! I had a fantastic birthday. It was a really really long day, but I enjoyed every minute of it. The pictures are on here backwards, so I will just kinda explain my day with each picture. First off though- I woke up at 4:30 to get up and ready for Ammon's interview with KSL 5- we had to be in SLC at 6:15 and I had to blowdry my hair and all that fun stuff. Kevin got up a little after me at 4:45 or 5 and told me to go look on the table at my prese
nts. (I already knew what they were because I picked them out. It was a pair of pants and some lotion from Bath and Body Works) so I went in there and picked them up, unwrapped, and started laughing and said "Oh Kevin you are the best, I love my presents!" We were kinda joking about it cuz I had already worn the pants once. Then, he came out of the bedroom holding a camera up and he was like "do you like your presents?" I kinda freaked out because I totally thought I wasn't getting a camera- so I was pretty excited. He was video taping me and my excitement to surprise me with my awesome present. It's the camera below. Its like an upgrade from mom's I think. I love it so much! Now I will be a better blogger- because I can blog about our stuff with pictures too, and it wont be so boring for you!!
I got this watch from Kevin's mom. You can switch out the watch heads or bracelet. I love it!
I got the vest, shirt, tank top, a pair of earrings, and some bracelets from Ally, Britt, and Alyssa. I got the pants from Kevin. I looove those pants- so comfy and cute. only 20 dollars too!
I got flowers from Kilee, and Eliza. Thanks girlies! It was good to see you!
Jon and his girlfriend Kenna made me this YUMMY cake and brought it for me. Thanks!
Jon and Kenna and Michele eating dinner! IT was soo good- we had fondu
My table
Our Fondu dinner- it had oil in the fondu pans, so we had steak and chicken- and a bunch of dipping sauces. We also had bread with this yummy cheese dip to go with them. Ally and britt put all that together!
Me and my very best friends. Thanks for putting this together for me!
I have no idea what this picture is about haha- ally looks upset, Alyssa wants to bite her, and I am in awe. Funny.
Birthday Girl!
So my friends and Kevin threw a big surprise birthday party for me at Britts. It was so fun!
We went to breakfast with Mom and Dad, Ammon, Kaitlin, and Devin (Ammon's friend) at IHOP after the news interview. Ammon was chuggin away his chocolate milk!
My amazing husband and I. I love you!
I am so glad I got to share my birthday with my best friend Ammon! I love you!
At the Festival Of Trees with Ammon

I really had a fantastic birthday. Thanks to everyone who made it so special! 365 more days... Haha. Just kidding. How scary is this though- I am 9 years away from 30! AH!!!!!!! NO! I cant be old yet. Anyway, I will post more pictures of our Christmas Tree, and the Festival of Trees later.


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