Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Work at Cedar Fort

So as you all know, I started a new job about two weeks ago at Cedar Fort Inc. here in Springville. Cedar Fort is a publishing company- and owns a few imprints such as: Sweetwater, Bonneville, CFI, Horizon, and Pioneer. They also distribute things to Deseret book and seagull book such as scripture holders, rings, bracelets, bookmarks, games... etc. It's the second biggest company in the LDS book business (first being Deseret Book- of course, the church sponsers them.) Anyway, we sell things in Walmart and Borders, and online at

There are probably somewhere around 15-20 employees- The owner Lyle, Bryce who does website stuff and will basically take over the business when his dad retires (it's a huge family business), Spencer who does something with pictures and catalogs (also a son of Lyle's), Tanner who makes youtube video's (Lyle's youngest son- and also one of Kevin's best friends), around 4 or 5 editors, 3 graphic designers, a business manager, a warehouse store worker, bracelet makers, warehouse workers, a receptionist, an acquisitions person (who reads all the manuscripts and decides if they are good enough to be edited), and someone who does order entry. They also have about 5 employees that work from home that do national sales and make appointments with big companies who sell our stuff.

Then, there is me. I make the blogs, and do all the social networking. No, I have never had experience. I have just blogged on here, and have been a facebook freak stalker.. (ok, not to the extent.) They basically just hired me because I was friends with Tanner- one of the sons. I have been really excited about the job, and I absolutely LOVE it. The first day, Bryce showed me how to use a mac (which is what I use, super super nice) and told me a few things about the company. He told me he wanted me to start with 4 or 5 blogs, get them going good, and in a few months he would start checking my progress and really breaking down everything to see if what I was doing was helping the company. So basically, he said I have free reign. Ok- that is hard for me. That's the hardest thing about this job. I have always had a job where someone tells me what to do- now I am in charge of everything, and do what I feel will benefit the company during my time here. Yes, that overwhelms me.

However, this job will help me in my life forever now. For one- I have learned SO much- about social networking, blogging, photoshop, writing, the internet, PR, TONS. I really have. For two- If I ever needed to go back to work after kids or if I lost my job here or quit, I would have experience doing this awesome job (which I consider is an adult job haha) and would have a better resume. It would be easier for me to get a better job in the future. I really enjoy it here.

With that being said, this job isn't easy. You might think I am lucky because I get to do whatever I want- but its not easy. Everyday I have a HUGE list of things I want to accomplish. I have to update all the blogs every day- which includes researching items and church history so I can write articles. It's almost like I am in school again! I also have to use photoshop alot; something I haven't used alot of since high school, I have to rack my brains to be creative every day, I have to read other blogs to see how they are attracting readers, I have to do facebook, come up with promos and contests for the blogs, find authors that wrote books here so I can link to their websites.. and the list goes on and on. It's very hard and very overwhelming. It keeps me busy- which I like. I still have so much to improve on, and so much to learn, but so far, its been a great experience and I have loved it.

The company really does have some AMAZING books and products. Right now I am reading "Shattered Silence" by Melissa G. Moore. It was on Oprah- and its an amazing book. They have some art here as well thats absolutely beautiful. I bought one of the SLC Temple- yay! I didn't have a picture of it yet. Anyway, I basically wrote this post to inform you all about my job and questions you might ask- and to ask you for some feedback. Now that I have the blogs basically up and running, I want to know what you like and what you dont like about them. What can I do better? I wont get my feelings hurt- I promise. I want you all to be honest. I will soon be starting weekly give away contests on mondays- hopefully starting next week so that is something to remember when looking at the blog. You can leave your comment here, or e-mail me your feedback to I would REALLY appreciate it. I need all the help I can get!! Thanks.

Cedar Fort Books
Cedar Fort At Christmas
Cedar Fort Media
Cedar Fort Church History

Thanks again!!


Debbie (Nerd Goddess) said...

Gillian, you should call me. (I must admit I am super jealous of your job, that sounds like such an awesome place to be at!)

Anyways, I read a LOT of blogs, a good mix of personal and more public blogs, and I have a lot of suggestions I can give you. Here's a short list I can come up with at the top of my head:

1. Post as often as possible. If not every day, at least every other day. It's something I'm working on, esp. with school and stuff, but the more times readers come to your blogs, the more they'll be interested in staying for the long run.

2. Comment on other people's blogs. A good way to get more people coming to your website is to comment LOTS on other people's blogs. Have an interesting picture for your profile and a name that says what the company is. Comment on blogs that are related to yours, and people who read those websites will see the comments and be interested in coming to yours. Also, if you become a frequent commenter, the creators of those other sites will also have an interest in you and your other sites.

3. Advertise your giveways. Send out messages to all your Facebook friends, Twitter about it, ask your friends and family to post about the giveaways on their sites, whatever you can do to reach out to as many people as possible. You might also consider one of the rules for the giveaways being that people have to be an official "Follower" of the blogs in order to enter, that way they'll be more committed to sticking around to those sites.

Ah, I have so many more things I could say! I'm shaking I'm so excited. Blogging is a passion and there are so many awesome ways to connect with people through it. Please please please give me a call and I can talk to you more about it, if you'd like. Just send me a message on Facebook and I'll send it to you.

Cedar Fort said...

Thanks Debbie! I will call you. I would be advertising my contests but I cant yet. I am waiting for it to get approved. -Gillian

Cedar Fort said...

Oh- and Debbie- you should come intern here. They have two interns right now- one in editing, and one who does whatever. You should do it in editing :)

Debbie (Nerd Goddess) said...

Ah, that makes sense with the contests. I don't know about the internship, I don't have ANY background in editing right now, but that's a thought.

Cedar Fort said...

I thought you were studying that?

Debbie (Nerd Goddess) said...

I'm studying English with an emphasis in Creative writing, and while any person who does any sort of writing should know how to edit, I'm not studying specifically studying Editing. :)

Also, sorry if I sounded a little crazy in that first post. I was really excited for some reason. :D

Rebecca Talley said...


I found the link to your blog on Clayton and Malae's blog.

I'm curious as to what blogs you are doing for CFI. I'd like to read them. I have had 2 books published by CFI, "Heaven Scent" and "Altared Plans" and I blog with other CFI authors at I also read

Sounds like you're very excited about your job. CFI has great people and I've been very happy with them. I hope to publish more books with them.

Also blog quite a bit and second all of the suggesitons you've received. Blog regularly, comment on other blogs, post links to FB and Twitter.

Love your enthusiasm.

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Hey Rebecca! Are you Malae's sister in law? Yea, I do work at CFI and have come upon your blog! I do,,, and I have commented on the Cedar Fort Authors blog a few times. I like to read them! I update those blogs every day, and I update twitter and facebook everyday. Thats what I do for my job, so it's pretty easy to keep it updated. Thanks for the comment! :)

Rebecca Talley said...


Actually, I'm Malae's mother-in-law. I'll check out your blogs. I didn't know CFI was doing blogs so I'm glad I found your blog.

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