Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Blogs for Job

So I started my job today- which I love! I make their blogs and do online advertising. If I ask you to be my friend on facebook (look for cedarfort) then you better add me! haha. Anyway, there are a few blogs I am making for the company right now, and one of them is

If you could check that out, and become a follower, I would LOVE you! :) Thanks-



The Duke said...

I'm impressed - you've done a good job. I think you will really do a great job for this company. Isn't it nice to look forward to work? I wish I had your creative talents.

Tana said...

hey! how do i become a follower? i dont know how? :)

Cedar Fort said...

There is a button on the side or bottom of the website that says "become a follower" just click on that and it should work!


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