Monday, November 30, 2009

Marriage is the best...

Can I just say that I didn't expect marriage to be like this? (in a good way of course) I absolutely love it! I feel so blessed to be married to the most amazing man in the world. Marriage has been so great for us so far. We have been immensely blessed during the time we have been married. We got our hospital bill last week from when I had to get my cat scan a few weeks ago. Do you want to know how much we had to pay? Nothing. Not one penny. Wow! How did that happen? I wasn't even working at my old job (where my insurance was) but they still covered me. I cant believe it. I am so thankful for that.

Also while we have been married, we have been lucky to have two great running cars. Recently we sold mine for 950.00 because we knew it had problems that hadn't really surfaced yet. We didn't want to deal with them, so we posted the car on KSL on a sunday, and it sold 3 days later, on a wednesday. Wow. Thank goodness. We both have also been blessed to have great jobs. While everyone at Kevin's job is getting pay cuts, he got a 60 cent raise. (!) Ok, so its not that much, but its better than what it was.. and considering they are cutting everyone else, I am glad he isn't getting cut. I have a full time job that I love, and love, and love! We are also blessed to have a great apartment. We love it. It is cozy, and we have the greatest neighbors ever!!! We live in a wonderful ward, and have plenty of extra room in our apartment.

Most of all, we have each other. That is something that I love... and something I could not live without. Being married has so many benefits... (ok stop thinking what you were thinking cuz I was meaning this..) the fact that we dont have to say goodbye at night anymore, just goodnight. I love the fact that we can just pack our bags and go on a weekend trip if we wanted to, we can cook together, we can stay in our pajamas all weekend long and spend time with eachother, we can sleep next to eachother, we can do each others laundry, we can stay up and laugh all night, we can support eachother in school and work, we can smile at eachother and pretend no one else is in the room.. and our eyes will speak words that no one would understand. I love it all. My husband is so sweet. I just want him to know that I am SO thankful for him. I never thought I would find someone to love this much. Kevin means the world to me and I love him so much.

Today is our 4 month anniversary haha.. and I have just been thinking about our wedding day alot today. We had the greatest day ever! What a great day to remember.. all our siblings and extended family there in the temple with us, the perfect weather, the yummy food, the freedom, the honeymoon that followed, the new and exciting life, and me and Kevin being a family- together. I am just going to say it one more time. I love Kevin. SO much.

The only crappy thing about marriage right now is that we don't have any married friends. The ones we do have... camilla, michele, and a few others, dont hang out with us. Haha. We must be boring? I think maybe they think we are still in that newlywed stage and so no one wants to call us. If you are a married couple out there, call us! We want to play with other couples and have fun! Haha! We do like to have our date night or time alone sometimes but we are both very social people and don't like to sit at home.

Really though, can you believe it's been 4 months already? I sure cant. I have loved every minute of it, even the stupid fights, because you know what? We both cant hold a straight face for longer than 2 minutes.. we always bust out in laughter! Well, just thought I would tell you a few things I love about Kevin real quick: (because my husband is better than yours)

1. His amazing smile- his white sparkly teeth and dimples!
2. His red hair. Never liked red hair till he came along.
3. His hands. Always cold, but always want to be held.
4. His skinny legs. Love them. They motivate me to loose weight on mine haha....
5. His chomping and sleeping in his sleep. I hate it. But I love it, because it makes me laugh
6. His cuddling skills. They are MAD skills people. Be jealous.
7. His willingness to help cook, or clean up. He always does laundry.
8. His soft lips... those amazing kissable.. ok I will stop
9. His handy man skills. He can fix almost anything. Love that!
10. His laugh. So contagious and cute.

I could go on and on but I dont want to bore you. I wish he would get on and put something nice about me now... haha jk.

Love you babe! Can't wait till forever...


jcook said...

ah gil! you should join our married couple club :) it isn't really a club.. but a bunch of us get together every couple of weeks or so and play games so what a movie or something! It would be fun :) think about it.

Jess said...

I'm married! You should be my married friend. We're pretty fun. :)

Debbie (Nerd Goddess) said...

Cute! :) I swear, time DOES go by faster when you're married. I can't believe George and I have been married for almost a year. Crazy!

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Yea, for sure call us! We need married friends! We really are kinda lonely.. all of our friends are single still. I havent seen you forever anyway! Call me!

Yea Debbie that is crazy.. you have almost been married a year! weird!

Jess BEACH! Call me you freak! I am mad that you haven't!! haha

Michelle and Landon said...

We used to be married friends...:( Then I was never able to get ahold of you! Im happy to hear you and Kevin are loving married life so much! It is the best thing in my life!

Lokodi said...

Boy Gillian! That's almost sick, and sick like to the stomach sick. I sure can't remember our first year of marriage being like that. Thankfully, it gets better with time for us. :) Glad you like married life though.


Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Haha, Lindsey, We have been very lucky to have eachother. It's been great so far. Yea, we fight, but not alot. It's too bad your first year wasn't as good as ours has been! Yea, I cant imagine it getting any better, but I am glad to hear it does- because I will be on cloud 9!! Kevin takes such good care of me!

dannylynn said...
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The Dayleys said...

Married life truly is amazing!!! I love your blog!!!! :) blogs are my favorite!!! :) I'm glad your having such an awesome time!!!


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