Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Kevin's Mullet
I was going for 80's white trash
my belly :)
Halloween was so much fun this year! This was the second Halloween I have been able to spend with Kevin. (We were dating last year during Halloween) This year, we kind of got to celebrate Halloween twice since it was on a Sat. On Friday night, Kevin's family had a huge party. Everyone dressed up- Kevin and I went as white trash/knocked up couple. Haha.
We looked AWESOME! Seriously. At the party we ate cornbread and chili- and tons of fun treats. The party was actually alot of fun. They had costume contests- and Kevin and I won for best couple. YAY! We actually got our whole costume at Savers and DI. Kevin had been growing out his mustache and hair since we got married so Thursday night I cut his hair into a mullet, and shaped his
mustache. I must say, I was embarrassed to be around him with that look!

Anyway, after that family party, we met some friends at a Halloween dance party in the car parking garage at Alpine Village in Provo. Ok first off, dont EVER wear a fake belly to a party like that. Everyone stares at you like its real, and feels bad for you because you are a pregnant girl trying to live a normal life and fit in at parties like that. Ok, so maybe I am going a little over board. But seriously! I cant tell you how many looks I got. One girl even asked if it was real, so I just said "why would you care if it was real or not?" People are so judgmental. Kevin and I only stayed there for like 15 minutes and left because it was LAME! We dont really like the bump and grind dances.. because we can do that anywhere. We dont need to go to a dance party to do that haha! No, I am just kidding. It was just full of a bunch of college kids that were dancing really dirty so we left. The next day, (Halloween) we slept in until like 10:30. We then had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and got showered and ready. We went to a dollar movie- The Time Traveler's Wife. (I LOVED IT!!!!!! But its super sad!) Kevin really liked it too. We went to Costco after that and looked into getting a card. I Think we will get one. Do you feel like after shopping there a year you save alot more than you would at another store? We need opinions :) After that, we went to the Mall and walked around to see all the little trick or treaters. We then went home and ate dinner, and had a few trick or treaters of our own. We didnt have too many, but thats good, because we didnt buy alot of candy.

Around 9 that night, my friends Ally, Brittney, Alyssa, and Cazlyn came over and we went and met up with a bunch of people and just party hopped all night. Around one AM Kevin and I finally went home and crashed. Overall, Halloween was fun and we got to dress up twice! We also carved some pumpkins and ate tons of sugar- and enjoyed our holiday together. I am glad I have someone to share it with! Love you Kev!


Chelsea Hope said...

Haha love the pics Jilly! It looks real :)

Aryn and Chris said...

This has like nothing to do with your post at all...even though your costume was pretty great did you do that picture collage thing at the top of your blog?


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