Monday, November 30, 2009

Marriage is the best...

Can I just say that I didn't expect marriage to be like this? (in a good way of course) I absolutely love it! I feel so blessed to be married to the most amazing man in the world. Marriage has been so great for us so far. We have been immensely blessed during the time we have been married. We got our hospital bill last week from when I had to get my cat scan a few weeks ago. Do you want to know how much we had to pay? Nothing. Not one penny. Wow! How did that happen? I wasn't even working at my old job (where my insurance was) but they still covered me. I cant believe it. I am so thankful for that.

Also while we have been married, we have been lucky to have two great running cars. Recently we sold mine for 950.00 because we knew it had problems that hadn't really surfaced yet. We didn't want to deal with them, so we posted the car on KSL on a sunday, and it sold 3 days later, on a wednesday. Wow. Thank goodness. We both have also been blessed to have great jobs. While everyone at Kevin's job is getting pay cuts, he got a 60 cent raise. (!) Ok, so its not that much, but its better than what it was.. and considering they are cutting everyone else, I am glad he isn't getting cut. I have a full time job that I love, and love, and love! We are also blessed to have a great apartment. We love it. It is cozy, and we have the greatest neighbors ever!!! We live in a wonderful ward, and have plenty of extra room in our apartment.

Most of all, we have each other. That is something that I love... and something I could not live without. Being married has so many benefits... (ok stop thinking what you were thinking cuz I was meaning this..) the fact that we dont have to say goodbye at night anymore, just goodnight. I love the fact that we can just pack our bags and go on a weekend trip if we wanted to, we can cook together, we can stay in our pajamas all weekend long and spend time with eachother, we can sleep next to eachother, we can do each others laundry, we can stay up and laugh all night, we can support eachother in school and work, we can smile at eachother and pretend no one else is in the room.. and our eyes will speak words that no one would understand. I love it all. My husband is so sweet. I just want him to know that I am SO thankful for him. I never thought I would find someone to love this much. Kevin means the world to me and I love him so much.

Today is our 4 month anniversary haha.. and I have just been thinking about our wedding day alot today. We had the greatest day ever! What a great day to remember.. all our siblings and extended family there in the temple with us, the perfect weather, the yummy food, the freedom, the honeymoon that followed, the new and exciting life, and me and Kevin being a family- together. I am just going to say it one more time. I love Kevin. SO much.

The only crappy thing about marriage right now is that we don't have any married friends. The ones we do have... camilla, michele, and a few others, dont hang out with us. Haha. We must be boring? I think maybe they think we are still in that newlywed stage and so no one wants to call us. If you are a married couple out there, call us! We want to play with other couples and have fun! Haha! We do like to have our date night or time alone sometimes but we are both very social people and don't like to sit at home.

Really though, can you believe it's been 4 months already? I sure cant. I have loved every minute of it, even the stupid fights, because you know what? We both cant hold a straight face for longer than 2 minutes.. we always bust out in laughter! Well, just thought I would tell you a few things I love about Kevin real quick: (because my husband is better than yours)

1. His amazing smile- his white sparkly teeth and dimples!
2. His red hair. Never liked red hair till he came along.
3. His hands. Always cold, but always want to be held.
4. His skinny legs. Love them. They motivate me to loose weight on mine haha....
5. His chomping and sleeping in his sleep. I hate it. But I love it, because it makes me laugh
6. His cuddling skills. They are MAD skills people. Be jealous.
7. His willingness to help cook, or clean up. He always does laundry.
8. His soft lips... those amazing kissable.. ok I will stop
9. His handy man skills. He can fix almost anything. Love that!
10. His laugh. So contagious and cute.

I could go on and on but I dont want to bore you. I wish he would get on and put something nice about me now... haha jk.

Love you babe! Can't wait till forever...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Work at Cedar Fort

So as you all know, I started a new job about two weeks ago at Cedar Fort Inc. here in Springville. Cedar Fort is a publishing company- and owns a few imprints such as: Sweetwater, Bonneville, CFI, Horizon, and Pioneer. They also distribute things to Deseret book and seagull book such as scripture holders, rings, bracelets, bookmarks, games... etc. It's the second biggest company in the LDS book business (first being Deseret Book- of course, the church sponsers them.) Anyway, we sell things in Walmart and Borders, and online at

There are probably somewhere around 15-20 employees- The owner Lyle, Bryce who does website stuff and will basically take over the business when his dad retires (it's a huge family business), Spencer who does something with pictures and catalogs (also a son of Lyle's), Tanner who makes youtube video's (Lyle's youngest son- and also one of Kevin's best friends), around 4 or 5 editors, 3 graphic designers, a business manager, a warehouse store worker, bracelet makers, warehouse workers, a receptionist, an acquisitions person (who reads all the manuscripts and decides if they are good enough to be edited), and someone who does order entry. They also have about 5 employees that work from home that do national sales and make appointments with big companies who sell our stuff.

Then, there is me. I make the blogs, and do all the social networking. No, I have never had experience. I have just blogged on here, and have been a facebook freak stalker.. (ok, not to the extent.) They basically just hired me because I was friends with Tanner- one of the sons. I have been really excited about the job, and I absolutely LOVE it. The first day, Bryce showed me how to use a mac (which is what I use, super super nice) and told me a few things about the company. He told me he wanted me to start with 4 or 5 blogs, get them going good, and in a few months he would start checking my progress and really breaking down everything to see if what I was doing was helping the company. So basically, he said I have free reign. Ok- that is hard for me. That's the hardest thing about this job. I have always had a job where someone tells me what to do- now I am in charge of everything, and do what I feel will benefit the company during my time here. Yes, that overwhelms me.

However, this job will help me in my life forever now. For one- I have learned SO much- about social networking, blogging, photoshop, writing, the internet, PR, TONS. I really have. For two- If I ever needed to go back to work after kids or if I lost my job here or quit, I would have experience doing this awesome job (which I consider is an adult job haha) and would have a better resume. It would be easier for me to get a better job in the future. I really enjoy it here.

With that being said, this job isn't easy. You might think I am lucky because I get to do whatever I want- but its not easy. Everyday I have a HUGE list of things I want to accomplish. I have to update all the blogs every day- which includes researching items and church history so I can write articles. It's almost like I am in school again! I also have to use photoshop alot; something I haven't used alot of since high school, I have to rack my brains to be creative every day, I have to read other blogs to see how they are attracting readers, I have to do facebook, come up with promos and contests for the blogs, find authors that wrote books here so I can link to their websites.. and the list goes on and on. It's very hard and very overwhelming. It keeps me busy- which I like. I still have so much to improve on, and so much to learn, but so far, its been a great experience and I have loved it.

The company really does have some AMAZING books and products. Right now I am reading "Shattered Silence" by Melissa G. Moore. It was on Oprah- and its an amazing book. They have some art here as well thats absolutely beautiful. I bought one of the SLC Temple- yay! I didn't have a picture of it yet. Anyway, I basically wrote this post to inform you all about my job and questions you might ask- and to ask you for some feedback. Now that I have the blogs basically up and running, I want to know what you like and what you dont like about them. What can I do better? I wont get my feelings hurt- I promise. I want you all to be honest. I will soon be starting weekly give away contests on mondays- hopefully starting next week so that is something to remember when looking at the blog. You can leave your comment here, or e-mail me your feedback to I would REALLY appreciate it. I need all the help I can get!! Thanks.

Cedar Fort Books
Cedar Fort At Christmas
Cedar Fort Media
Cedar Fort Church History

Thanks again!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

I cant wait to do gingerbread houses! My family does it every year (either those or candy trains). Its usually a really fun thing for all of us- and we all eat WAY too much candy. Anyway, just curious, if you are my family and reading this- is that something you want to do again this year? When is a good time for you? I think we should attempt to make homemade gingerbread houses instead of using graham crackers.. what do you think? I put a good recipe for gingerbread houses on Who wants to do it?

Oh- and by the way, if you havent become a follower of Cedar Fort's blogs, do it soon :) Thanks!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well, if thats not called luck, what is?

Kidding. Apparently my body doesn't know what luck is... This has been the two weeks from hell for me! Literally. Beware. This is a long post.

Two weeks ago on a monday, I went to the doctor to finally get some answers about my feet. They had been throbbing nonstop on my heel, and felt like I was always walking on fluid infested heels.. (sorry, gross.) I started getting shooting pains up my leg after I had been on my feet for the day, so it was finally time to get them taken care of! Well, lucky me, I have Plantar fasciitis. (irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot.) He gave me shots- MOST painful thing in my life.. I dont EVER recommend it. I had to get one in each foot. I also have to get orthodics, which are about 300 dollars. I told him I would wait on that. I bruised really bad on my heels and also had a reaction to the cortisone. I had to put them above my heart to let the swelling go down. I mean, come on people, aren't I just lucky?

So, yes, my feet still hurt a little. They are slowly getting better. I would never get the shots ever again. Thats for sure. I Am glad my new job is something I can sit down at.

On Halloween, I started getting these weird sharp cramps. (beware: this next part might be something you dont wanna hear about). I have always had horrid cramps, but nothing I couldn't handle. When I started getting these weird cramps, I would have to hold my breath till the sharp pain went away. I couldn't even take a big breath. The cramps were abnormally lower than they usually are on me, and I was also getting them in my right side, kinda like a side ache. I thought it was because we had been eating junk all weekend because of Halloween, but it kept coming and getting worse as the two weeks went by.

Monday night, I came home feeling pretty sick after work. We ate dinner, and immediately after we ate, I started having this weird attack where I couldnt breathe again. It was just like when I had my gall bladder attacks.. you cant take a big breath or you feel like the pain is a sharp knife going through your side. I had violent cramps and started to kinda freak out. I started crying- so Kevin ran to the neighbors house to get someone to come help him give me a healing blessing. I was kinda scared because I thought maybe I might have been prego, and that I was having a miscarriage. or something. (far fetched, I know..) but I can hardly call my last period a period.. it was 95% lighter than normal.. and I didnt have like any cramps.. Weird. We were trying to decide whether or not we should go to the hospital, or wait till the morning to go to the doc, or just wait till it all passed. We werent sure if my old insurance had lapsed yet, so we didnt really want to do that incase I wasnt covered. So our neighbor came over and him and Kevin gave me a blessing that I would know whether or not to go to the hospital/doc. I made it through the night till about 4:30 and woke up with the same pain again. By 6, it had subsided, and I got up to get ready for work. I just started my job and wasn't about to miss. I went to work in serious pain, but was determined to get it through the day. When 9:00 rolled around that morning, I honestly couldn't handle it anymore. I called the doctor and they had me down to come in at 2. My boss told me to leave and get some rest and get it all figured out. I came home and tried to sleep but couldnt. At 2, I went in to Dr. Frandson in Spanish Fork. He made me get a blood test, pregnancy test, urine test, and a two finger test.. (dont ask. really sick...) I mean, REALLY? all that? And, to top things off, they were making kevin stay at work and finish some doors, so I was all alone. Well, the doc decided after all my tests that it was probably an appendicitis. I wasnt prego, and he couldn't feel any cysts from where he felt.. gross. So, around 4:30, I finally left his office and headed over to the hospital for a cat scan. Around 6:15, they came out with the results. I have two ovarian cysts- one on each side. I also have Adenitis (inflamation of the lymph nodes by your appendix.) Not an Appendicitis, but still in the same general area. I am relieved that I didnt have to get surgery, but kind of upset that the only thing they can do to take care of these problems is "let them pass, and take loratab" I came home that night, and took a loratab with my food. I started to feel better, and started saying weird stuff to kevin, and couldn't stop laughing. Once I got to sleep- I was OUT till 7 AM the next morning.Kevin asked how I was feeling but I had been cramping horribly and felt really sick, so he gave me a loratab with water. Neither of us realized- hey- you need to take food with this.. so I went back to sleep till ten. I had to wake up because someone was coming to look at my car. (its been for sale since sunday) So, I showered, and got dressed. By the time I did all of that, I felt super sick. I then realized that I had taken the loratab without food, or milk.. and that was prob why I was feeling sick. I got a knock at my front door thinking it was the kid to look at my car, but it was Brittney! Thank goodness.. I didnt feel like being alone. She came in and we got talking and all of the sudden, my speech got slow. I couldnt talk, and I felt like I was going to puke. I ran to the bathroom, and she followed me. I threw up- poor girl watched it! I went to stand up thinking I was done, and threw up again. Gosh Dangit! I HATE throw up!!!!! But, it did make me feel better. I got up and we talked for about a half an hour more, then she left. The Kid never came to see my car, so I decided to try to get to sleep. Then- something incredibly weird happened. I had this weird out of body experience. I am pretty sure the loratab was a higher dose than I am normally used to... I layed down, and started seriously seeing double. I felt extremely heavy, and couldn't move from where I was at. I felt sick again, but couldnt move to throw up. I then couldnt open my eyes anymore... and wanted to reach for my phone. I was scared, I had no idea what the heck was happening. I felt like I was high.. although I dont know what thats like. I was scared that I was going to pass out and not wake up. I wanted to call someone, anyone to come get me! I said a prayer instead, and fell asleep. I woke up 3 hours later feeling much better. Ok, I will NEVER never take a loratab again. I mean, thats so weird because I only took two all together, one the night before, and one the next morning. It sure didnt wear off fast. If thats what its like to be high, I never want to do it again. I was seriously scared for my life. Ugh.

So, now, I am off the pain meds, but still cramping up a little, and feeling a little sick. Man, Kevin is one lucky guy. His wife has already been to the hospital since we got married.. lucky him. Little does he know, my luck is always bad luck, and I am sure I will always have something coming at me. Kevin is at work.. so I am here, alone again. I hate being alone. Did I already say that?

On a happy note, We sold my car last night for 950.00. Yay! We work by eachother so we can car pool now, and see how it works out to have one car till he starts school full time again. For now, we will just share. Love it. Now we can hurry and pay off my loan, and have extra cash to spare from the 950.00. (well, to save.) Anyway, thats my last two weeks. Hope you enjoyed my horribly written venting stories.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Blogs for Job

So I started my job today- which I love! I make their blogs and do online advertising. If I ask you to be my friend on facebook (look for cedarfort) then you better add me! haha. Anyway, there are a few blogs I am making for the company right now, and one of them is

If you could check that out, and become a follower, I would LOVE you! :) Thanks-


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Kevin's Mullet
I was going for 80's white trash
my belly :)
Halloween was so much fun this year! This was the second Halloween I have been able to spend with Kevin. (We were dating last year during Halloween) This year, we kind of got to celebrate Halloween twice since it was on a Sat. On Friday night, Kevin's family had a huge party. Everyone dressed up- Kevin and I went as white trash/knocked up couple. Haha.
We looked AWESOME! Seriously. At the party we ate cornbread and chili- and tons of fun treats. The party was actually alot of fun. They had costume contests- and Kevin and I won for best couple. YAY! We actually got our whole costume at Savers and DI. Kevin had been growing out his mustache and hair since we got married so Thursday night I cut his hair into a mullet, and shaped his
mustache. I must say, I was embarrassed to be around him with that look!

Anyway, after that family party, we met some friends at a Halloween dance party in the car parking garage at Alpine Village in Provo. Ok first off, dont EVER wear a fake belly to a party like that. Everyone stares at you like its real, and feels bad for you because you are a pregnant girl trying to live a normal life and fit in at parties like that. Ok, so maybe I am going a little over board. But seriously! I cant tell you how many looks I got. One girl even asked if it was real, so I just said "why would you care if it was real or not?" People are so judgmental. Kevin and I only stayed there for like 15 minutes and left because it was LAME! We dont really like the bump and grind dances.. because we can do that anywhere. We dont need to go to a dance party to do that haha! No, I am just kidding. It was just full of a bunch of college kids that were dancing really dirty so we left. The next day, (Halloween) we slept in until like 10:30. We then had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and got showered and ready. We went to a dollar movie- The Time Traveler's Wife. (I LOVED IT!!!!!! But its super sad!) Kevin really liked it too. We went to Costco after that and looked into getting a card. I Think we will get one. Do you feel like after shopping there a year you save alot more than you would at another store? We need opinions :) After that, we went to the Mall and walked around to see all the little trick or treaters. We then went home and ate dinner, and had a few trick or treaters of our own. We didnt have too many, but thats good, because we didnt buy alot of candy.

Around 9 that night, my friends Ally, Brittney, Alyssa, and Cazlyn came over and we went and met up with a bunch of people and just party hopped all night. Around one AM Kevin and I finally went home and crashed. Overall, Halloween was fun and we got to dress up twice! We also carved some pumpkins and ate tons of sugar- and enjoyed our holiday together. I am glad I have someone to share it with! Love you Kev!


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