Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One Month Already!

Yesterday marked one month for Kevin and I being married! I cant believe it! It really went by super fast. I had to teach dance until 6:30 last night, so when I came home we decided we wanted to go to Los Hermano's for dinner to celebrate :) I love that place! I seriously crave their chips and salsa all the time haha. We live so close to it too, so it was nice to park on university and just take a walk to it. It was such good weather last night. After dinner, we came home and watched the movie "Forever Strong" on his lap top. (really good movie btw.) Kevin started school this past week. He is only taking one class because he waited too long to sign up, and could only get into one class. The class is a Construction Management class. Hopefully he will like it! I worked 42 hours last week- I work alot! Its good though. I like to stay busy. I am just thankful to have a job right now!!

I finally bought a welcome sign for our front door. I got it at Quilted Bear. Whenever I go into that place, it makes me want to be such a crafty wife!! I just wish I had all the money in the world to decorate cute and to make cute things too. Someday.. haha. I will have to take a picture of the sign though, its really cute.

Our neighbors brought over some cookies and a card and left them at our door one night that we werent home. They said they were sorry they hadn't come over sooner to get to know us and couldnt wait to get to know us more. I guess the duplex is having a BBQ so we can all meet eachother. I am really excited! We have cool neighbors. The ones who brought the cookies is the couple that the husband plays for BYU. Cool! He said he remembered Ammon and his story. I thought that was pretty awesome. Ammon, your a star!

Speaking of Ammon, thank GOODNESS he is doing better! I was worried for a little bit there. I cant wait for his Trach-coming out party. EVEYRONE is invited. (at least.. I think.. haha) He cant wait to show everyone. Kevin and I are going up to see him tonight.

I started teaching Musical Theater again last week. Its so much fun! I only have 12 girls this year, but they are mostly all older. That makes it alot easier and fun. They all have pretty good voices, and can dance really well. I cant wait to see how they do this year. The theme for the year is "Music Through The Ages". We are doing songs from the 50's on up. Exciting!

Anyway, thats about all I have to say. I miss all my bros and sistas. I wish they all lived here. Oh- and besides Amy- isnt it about time for another sibling to have a baby??? hmm... I need a new neice or nephew! Having a few of them here for the wedding was so fun. I wish they all lived closer. Have a good week everyone!


Jess said...

In a blink of an eye you'll be saying, "I can't believe it's already been a year..." :) Congratulations to Ammon!!

Nerd Goddess said...

Sounds like life is going pretty good for you! It was good seeing you at Peter's reception the other day. :) And I'm glad to hear Ammon's doing better, too.

Tana said...

Time flies by doesnt it! Sounds like you guys are doing great though...I miss how everything is within walking distance in Provo...so nice! We probably sepnt too much money eating out because it was so easy to get there..not so much anymore!

Papa Doc said...

Love and marriage is the best thing in the word, and in the world to come, too. You are only describing the beginning. I am happy you are doing well.

Dad Clark

Bailey said...

I'm so sad I can't be there with you guys! :( who all is in the class this year?


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