Monday, September 28, 2009


Kevin is the WORST sleep talker that I have ever known in my life. When we were dating, he told me that sometimes he would have this dream of a spider crawling on his ceiling and then it would drop- so Kevin would wake up and get out of bed, and search for the spider thinking it was real- even though it was only a dream. He would soon realize that it was just him dreaming. Well, little did I know, he does things like that EVERY night. And its BAD.

On our honeymoon, we were staying at Casa Blanca on our last night. They didnt have any rooms with one king bed. They only had rooms with two Queens. That was fine for us. So, we were really tired. We had been traveling ALL day from Newport to Mesquite so we decided to take it easy and plop on the tv to watch the Conan Obrian Show. After watching it for only ten minutes, we got super tired and turned off the TV and fell asleep. About a half an hour later, Kevin is snoring. It takes me a long time to fall asleep, so while I was just about to drift off, I hear and feel Kevin rustling the blankets and sheets in our bed. He was franticaly searching for something. I asked him what he was doing and he said "Looking for the snake! Get out of the bed! There is a snake in there!" He by this time had jumped on the other queen bed in the room, and was looking for the snake in that bed. He just kept telling me to get out of the bed. I was so confused, and kind of started laughing. I looked at him and said "Kevin, there is no snake in the bed..." and all the sudden, he snapped out of it and said.. "you are right. There isnt one huh..." He was all embarassed and jumped right back into bed and fell asleep. The whole next week, thats all I could make fun of him about. It was hilarious! He had been dreaming there was a snake in our bed, so he thought it was real...

Well, a few weeks later, we were fast asleep and then Kevin speaks up again. "Gillian, why did you let that bird poop on me?!" I was like.. oh great. Here we go again.. so I said "Kevin, what are you talking about. You are talking in your sleep. There is no bird here and no poop on you." He then said "Yes there is. Why would you let that happen to me? And if there isn't any poop on me, why is my face wet?" I started to laugh, and touched his face thinking that it would be wet- but wet with his drool, not poop. Sure enough, it was NOT wet. I said "Kevin. Go back to bed. I am mad you woke me up." He kinda snapped out of it and went straight to sleep. Wow. There are going to be so many fun stories to come...

Dont worry, I have more. So the other night, I was reading my book late with the lamp on. He had already fallen asleep. When I turned off the lamp, he turned over to me and started chomping his mouth *smack* *smack* *smack*... and I said "what the heck are you doing?" All he said was "wait, I need to spit my gum out" I told him "Kevin, you do not have gum in your mouth." He then smacked his mouth again and said..."oh.. yea.. I guess I dont. Dang it! Why do I keep dreaming these things!"

The next night, He had been sitting up twice in the middle of the night. The first time, I just thought, he is sleep talking. I am not even going to ask. But when I saw it again, I thought.. maybe he heard something and that is why he is sitting up. I asked him if everything was ok and all he said was "Stop asking me that! Gosh!" Haha. Rude. He didnt even remember it in the morning.

Last, but not least... Two nights ago, I asked Kevin to cuddle me in the middle of the night because I was cold. All he said was "No you idiot!" Holy cow guys! My husband is so mean! haha. 5 minutes after that, he came over and cuddled me and I said "oh, you want to cuddle now do you?!" and he was so confused.. he was like "of course I do, I always want to cuddle you!" Well. from now on, I am going to just have to stop talking to him in the middle of the night. It could get bad. :) There are all my funny stories for the day! Hope they all made you laugh. I still laugh about them every day. Sometimes I look forward to bed time so I can get a good laugh out of him. :) Anyone have stories that are similar?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dancing Again, Work, and More

Henry At my house for dinner with the fam- yes, he wants to be like Michael Jackson!
At Lifehouse they teach an adult dance class on thursday nights. I have been wanting to get back into shape, but I didnt want to sign a contract for a gym pass. So, Nesha told me I could take the adult class for free because I teach at the studio. (All the teachers get free classes if they want to take). I wasnt sure about taking the class because the adults are all just moms that havent really danced much in their life, so I thought it would be a waste of my time and super easy. Well, I Went last night, and I actually loved it! Its from 8-10:30 PM and Its tap for a half an hour, ballet for an hour, and jazz for an hour. The theachers are amazing. Yea, It was really easy for me, but I got a super good workout! I picked up all the combinations fast, but still have alot of technique to catch up on. There are so many levels in the class, so the teachers tell you to push yourself and substitute some of the moves for harder ones if you can do it. Well, I definitaly pushed myself and I felt like I sweated off a year of sweat. Dang, it felt GOOD! I forgot how much I love dancing and working out. I kinda felt like a loser, because I went early to watch kaitlin dance in her class, and she is so so good. Better than I ever was. Not as flexible, but she sure picks up fast, and is doing harder and faster moves than I ever did. I felt kinda stupid seeing her and knowing that I danced more years than her, but now I am in the Adult Class. HA. Oh well. Hopefully she doesnt think I am a loser!
All the new cold weather things we got at our store.. I want them ALL!!
Work is as busy as ever. I work alot. Its nice to have a day off once in a while. I have never worked this many hours in my life, and it is good for me. It keeps me busy. The manager Taylor (I am her assistant) might be going off to school next year. If she does, maybe I can move up to Manager. I know she is on Salary, and makes alot more than I do. (and I make quite a bit for the job) Hopefully I can prove to be reliable enough to become the store's acting manager if she ever leaves. I am SO grateful to have the job because it has great benefits. I just got my card in the mail. The best part is, that it covers my birthcontrol haha!
Me and baby john- bein reunited for the first time since they left for the summer! he LOVED me :)
A few weeks ago kevin and I wanted to cook a roast. Our crockpot is too big for just the two of us, so we invited Adam and Amy, and Lance and Nancy. We had Roast, Mashed Potatos, Veggies (corn, olives, carrots) Rolls, and a Cassarole. I also made homemade Gravy for the first time ever! It was SO good! I was so proud of myself. Nancy made yummy cookies to eat for dessert too. It was a fun family get together. Thanks for coming guys!

So its lookin like Ammon wont be going back to school for a while... and I know he gets SO bored. I decided that on my day off and on the days I work in the afternoon, I am going to go and homeschool Ammon. I am going to do crafts with him, and take him on field trips, and do school work with him, and read with him. It will be good for us both! I am so excited. If anyone has any fun fall crafts ideas, let me know. :)

Well, thats all for now. Just thought I have been pretty bad at updating my blog latley. Sorry! I will try to update it more often. Love ya all!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One Month Already!

Yesterday marked one month for Kevin and I being married! I cant believe it! It really went by super fast. I had to teach dance until 6:30 last night, so when I came home we decided we wanted to go to Los Hermano's for dinner to celebrate :) I love that place! I seriously crave their chips and salsa all the time haha. We live so close to it too, so it was nice to park on university and just take a walk to it. It was such good weather last night. After dinner, we came home and watched the movie "Forever Strong" on his lap top. (really good movie btw.) Kevin started school this past week. He is only taking one class because he waited too long to sign up, and could only get into one class. The class is a Construction Management class. Hopefully he will like it! I worked 42 hours last week- I work alot! Its good though. I like to stay busy. I am just thankful to have a job right now!!

I finally bought a welcome sign for our front door. I got it at Quilted Bear. Whenever I go into that place, it makes me want to be such a crafty wife!! I just wish I had all the money in the world to decorate cute and to make cute things too. Someday.. haha. I will have to take a picture of the sign though, its really cute.

Our neighbors brought over some cookies and a card and left them at our door one night that we werent home. They said they were sorry they hadn't come over sooner to get to know us and couldnt wait to get to know us more. I guess the duplex is having a BBQ so we can all meet eachother. I am really excited! We have cool neighbors. The ones who brought the cookies is the couple that the husband plays for BYU. Cool! He said he remembered Ammon and his story. I thought that was pretty awesome. Ammon, your a star!

Speaking of Ammon, thank GOODNESS he is doing better! I was worried for a little bit there. I cant wait for his Trach-coming out party. EVEYRONE is invited. (at least.. I think.. haha) He cant wait to show everyone. Kevin and I are going up to see him tonight.

I started teaching Musical Theater again last week. Its so much fun! I only have 12 girls this year, but they are mostly all older. That makes it alot easier and fun. They all have pretty good voices, and can dance really well. I cant wait to see how they do this year. The theme for the year is "Music Through The Ages". We are doing songs from the 50's on up. Exciting!

Anyway, thats about all I have to say. I miss all my bros and sistas. I wish they all lived here. Oh- and besides Amy- isnt it about time for another sibling to have a baby??? hmm... I need a new neice or nephew! Having a few of them here for the wedding was so fun. I wish they all lived closer. Have a good week everyone!


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