Friday, August 21, 2009

Kevin's Birthday

The pictures are a little out of order I think, so I will just tell you what is what on the picture!! We had a pretty good day yesterday. I have been really sick with a bad cold/sinus infection latley so I Was hoping that I would have enough energy to help kevin have a good day yesterday. yea.. it didnt really work. But it was still fun. In the morning, I took some cake in to his work and some juice for his co workers to sing to kevin and enjoy some cake. We all sang to him and he blew out candles. I totally spaced taking a picture there, and I dont know how I did. Oh well. He only worked till noon, so he came home and we had a picnic! Anyway, here are the pics and what we did all day.
This is me, waiting for my hubby to HURRY home! Long morning.
I got kevin a custom made long board from a place called legion. Lots of money. But- he has wanted one for over a year. I also got him two shirts, and made him a candy bar poster.
I decorated our front room with a poster and balloons and the paper stuff. Kinda fun
Here is my candy bar poster, haha super cheesy
the long board close up- it has his nick name on it- momo, and a chocolate pudding productions thing. (him and his friends used to make movies in high school and publish them on youtube and they all have tshirts with the chocolate pudding design on it.)
After he got home, we went on a picnic to bridal veil falls. we wanted to try out the longboard on the trails but we had to take the long board back.. the guy messed up the bottom and I was mad so I made him repaint it. So we just walked around.
Me and kev at bridal veil falls
eating his sandwich. I packed sandwiches, granola bars, juice, bananas, watermellon, bbq chips, and fruit snacks. mmmm
Kevin when he first got home and was surprised at the decorations. He was reading the funny card I got him.. hehe

That night, we went to dinner at a Thai Restaurnt with two of his sisters and their families. After dinner, we went to his sisters house to have dessert and then just talked there for about an hour. Then, we went to his mom and dads for about a half an hour. It was an eventfull day- wish I would have had more energy to do more fun things. I hope it was a good day for him. I love him so much. Happy 23rd B-day momo, till next year!

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