Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm a wife!

Wow, doesnt that seem so weird to say? I am a wife! I love being a wife. (well, so far haha) I thought I better update everybody on our life since we got married! First off, I just wanted to hurry and thank every person who helped us on our special day! I could not have done it without you. Chelsey- for the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. Lindsey, Adrianne, and Chels for the financial help.. what a blessing that was. Jen Clark, for the countless hours of shopping and looking for my ribbons, centerpeices, and making those AMAZING cupcakes that EVEYONE loved! you are the greatest! Jen Knapp for our beautiful and yummy cake, Reva for help with paying for flowers, Mom, for ordering the food, being my mom, and returning my dress! Kaitlin, thanks sooo much for washing off my car! lifesaver right there! Man the list could just go on and on. Thanks so much to everyone. So. Lets start with our awesome honeymoon!

Kevin and I stayed in the provo marriot the first night because we drove to vegas/cali the next day and didnt want to have to go too far up north. Our hotel room was soo nice! When I walked in, kevin had had his sister go decorate our room earlier that day. It had rose petals all over the room, and hershey kisses and hugs, and a poster that said "gillian I promise to make your life a bed of roses" on the bed. There were snacks for us on the table with two cups and martinelli. It was perfect! I could not have asked for a better night. He is a little romantic!

The next day, we drove to vegas. We stayed in the Palace Station. On the way down, there was a wasp in our car and it bit BOTH of us!!! Mine swelled up and got red and his was on his ankle and got pretty red. weird! We didnt get to vegas till about 7 that night so we got settled in and then went and ate at a nice italian/pasta restaraunt. It was so good! We then went to the strip and went to the bilagio gardens and water show. We walked around town till we were too tired to stand!

We left for cali the next morning. Boy- was there traffic. we were prob stuck in traffic for an hour. It was about 6 or 7 when we got there as well. We stayed in a town called Costa Mesa (basically the same town as Newport. It was on Newport Blvd.) Our hotel was a travelodge and our room was soo big and it was pretty nice. We were happy with it. The first night we went out to Rubys on the Balboa Pier at the beach. I LOVE eating at rubys! Its so yummy! We got to see the sunset and it was so pretty! It was kinda chilly at night, and we actually turned on the heater in the car! haha.

The next day was Monday, and we went to the beach. We took our sweet time getting up- and slept in late. We went to Balboa/Newport Beach for a few hours. It was alot of fun! We then got back and showered, and got ready and went to a movie. I have been wanting to see harry potter forever so he took me to see it. BTW- I loved it. :)

On tuesday, we went to the conan obrien show! We stood in the standby line in the morning and they handed ot 100 tickets with numbers on them. We had to come back at 3 to see if we got in. So, since we were in Universal City, we decided to head over to Universal Studios. We had planned on going in to the park, but it was like 67 dollars a person and by the time we got up there, we only had like 4 hours to play.. so it wasnt worth it. So, we just walked around the city walk outside of the park and went to lunch in a mexican restaurant. We shopped a little too. It was really really hot that day! At 3, we took the shuttle back down to NBC studios and got back in line. We were numbers 85 and 86 so we obviously didnt get in the show, but luckily that day they were doing an outdoor segment with a human cannonball! So we got invited to be in the outdoor segment. Yes, if you watch the show you can see is twice in it! pretty cool! It was fun.

Wednesday we went to Knotts Berry Farm. It was only 20 mins from our hotel- so that was nice! It was way fun there! We went on alot of rides, but not too many big ones. Kevin is afraid of heights so he will only go on so many haha. jk, I actually started feeling sick so I didnt want to go on any crazy ones. We went on this one called boomerang.. wow. Its crazy. Look it up. I thought I was going to pass out. I got a sunburn in the park. It was a fun day though! We went to Laguna that night and walked on the beach. It was awesome. Such a beautiful town. We ate at a place called Harbor Cafe and it was SO yummy. IF you ever go there, you have to eat there!!!! mmmm. They have everything to eat from breakfast to chinese, to mexican, to anything american. Its open 24 hours too.

Thursday we got up early, packed, and went to Laguna one more time. We wanted to walk the beach again and get our feet wet. The waves were huge and my shorts got wet from the water splashing up on us. It was so fun. I was sad to leave Cali. Then we left for Mesquite. We stayed in the Casa Blanca. We had a really nice room there too. We basically were soo tired that we didnt do anything that night. We watched some tv and went to bed! The next morning we got up at 8 and went to breakfast at Mcdonalds and then went on our way. It took us a little over 4 hours to get home. We came home and did laundry and got our apartment back in order! Back to real life! Boy was it a short trip. I loved it though. IT was nice to be with kevin and to just relax after all the crazy planning for the wedding.

Over the weekend we spent our gift cards and took back things and exchanged things, and filled our fridge. I finally got all the boxes out of here and vaccummed it! It looks like a home now :) I love our apartment. I will have to post pictures of it now that we have things hung up and whatnot. Kevin and I went back to work on Monday. I start working full time next week. I am closing the store all by myself tonight and I am excited about it. Finally I feel like I know what I am doing at my new job. I start teaching musical theater again on the 24th. I am so excited about it! This year we are doing a theme of "music through the ages" and I cant wait to see who I get to teach this year. Well, thats all I have for now. I gotta go shower and clean the bathroom before I am off to work! :)


Jess and Jen said...

I actually saw the segment on Conan when they shot the wax Tom Cruise and was Fonzie out of those cannons but I didn't know you guys were standing by. -Jess

Gillian said...

No- not the top cruise one. They did REAL people the day before. Two circus girls that are acrobats got shot out of it. They did the cannons two days in a row but we were at the first one.

Jess and Jen said...

I'm glad you guys had fun and are all settled into your apartment is so much nicer than our first place! Good luck closing at work tonight! -Jen

Mike and Adrianne said...

It sounds like a great honeymoon. It only took me 5 1/2 years to get a semi-honeymoon.


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