Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ashley Bigler Wedding Pics

This lady in our ward (Ashley Bigler) took a bunch of photos for fun at our reception and then edited them and sent them to me and my mom. Here are a few! I just thought you all might like to see. There are some really cute ones of the little girls.

mmmm our yummy food!!

I love this picture of katy and Ammon!

Me and my mother! love this picture too...
Kevin holding my dress.

Thanks sarah and abbster for carrying my dress everywhere! you girls are the BEST and I love you!!!!!!!
I was so sad to say goodbye to the girls.
my absolutly beautiful sara bear. miss you girly!


The Duke said...

Ashley did a fantastic job, didn't she! Unfortunately her camera died or she would have lots more. She was so very pleased that we liked the photos. She does it for fun. I was impressed.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Beautiful! I really love the pictures she took.


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