Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just another day

It's been a long time. 

Blogging seems to be on the back burner for almost everyone these days. I honestly just do not find the time to do it between potty training two kids, cleaning, running an etsy shop, and chasing after the kids to make sure they don't bite eachother. (yes, it's a problem.) 

Today however, I decided to not take a nap or work on things for my shop while the kids were napping. I found myself sitting on the couch staring out the window wondering where time has gone. All I hear is quiet. It sounds nice. I feel like writing, so here I am. 

Today is much like any other day. The kids got up at 6:00, Kevin was out the door at 6:30, we ate breakfast (Mia did, while Mckay cried because I wouldn't let him have hot dogs for breakfast) at 7. I usually let them watch a show in the morning after they wake up because I am not a morning person. I never have been. I hate mornings with a passion. Judge me all you want, but I am not able to function until 8. I shuffle around the house getting the things the kids need, sit on the couch, and be lazy for an hour until I can truly wake up or the kids jump on my face. Whichever comes first. Usually its the kids jumping on my face. 

This morning, when changing bums, Mckay decided he didn't want to wear diapers anymore. He kept saying 'unders! unders!' So I went with it. He goes pee in the potty one or two times a day but we haven't pushed it since Mia is still struggling to get all trained. So, Mia and Mckay both had their unders on this morning and stayed dry all till after lunch, when I made them wear diapers to nap because I didn't want to clean up a pee accident today in their bed. Just wasn't up for it. Call me a bad mom or enabler. Whatever, I don't care. 

Mckay struggled to fall asleep today. Usually he's really easy to put to sleep- but he sure put up a fight at nap time today. He cried for 30 minutes before he gave up, got back in his bed, and tucked him self in. I told him he could cry all he wanted but couldn't come out of his room. When I heard the crying stop, I went in to see he had fallen fast asleep with the blanket on him half way. He looked so peaceful. I gave him a kiss and tucked him in a little better so he would stay warm. 

Mia naps in my bed during the day. Her and Mckay do not nap well together. They go to bed just fine together, but I don't even go there at nap time. It's not worth it. She's old enough that she doesnt really need a nap anymore, but when she gets one, she's alot happier. Some days she will tell me she's tired, others, she tells me shes not and she wants to stay awake with me. I judge it by the day. A lot of times I actually nap with her. I've been so tired for months. I'm assuming it's my thyroid but if it isn't, I will be blaming it on my children haha. Totally kidding. Today for her nap, Mia had a hard time initially falling asleep. She was tired, and asked me to snuggle her. I was scratching her back and singing her songs but her little body kept shaking from her terrible cough. Her asthma has come back again this week. It looks like we will be doing a lot of breathing treatments over the next few days to help get that under control. 

Kevin will get home in about 3 and a half hours. He does great at his job and really enjoys it! It's been a great opportunity to live in Henderson and see Kevin work in his career field. 

I have been struggling with some health issues for a few months. I am not really wanting to talk about it much but It's definitely been causing alot of stress and has been getting in the way of my every day life. Ive always had health issues. I keep having to tell myself that it could be worse, and that for the most part, I am healthy. 

I keep myself really busy with my etsy shop and instagram for the shop. I've really enjoyed it and hope it becomes more of an income next year instead of a hobby. I havent pushed too hard to make it be an income but I think I will next year. 

I love Henderson, but I am missing my friends back home. Utah will always be my home. 

I think I will go watch a movie or do something relaxin...g... wait. Mckay's awake. That nap lasted 40 mins. GRRR

Monday, January 12, 2015

Mia is almost 3

I used to be so good at documenting everything about the kids. Weights, foods, firsts, words, etc. I find myself so busy cleaning up after them and following them around that I just dont find the time to write things down. I usually just take a million pictures of them. Often times though, I forget what was being said or other little details in the pictures. I figured I better write a few things down about the kids for my own history keeping sake. Here is an update on Mia.

Mia is almost 3. She will be 3 next month. She is still such a tiny little thing. She weighs 26 pounds even and is 36 inches tall. She wears a size six shoes and size 2T clothes still. Some 3T. It depends on the brand. Mia has pretty bad asthma and has had a terrible case of it the last two months. She's been doing 10 puffs of albuteral (spelling?) a day for the last week and will continue that for the next two weeks until we can get things under control. Then we will probably go to Flovent or Advair or something like that. We follow up with the doctor in a few weeks. 

Mia was dancing but we stopped taking classes and are moving on to gymnastics. She is better at gymnastics and the structure of gymnastics is better for her personality. She is SO defiant and will usually not do anything unless it's her idea. BUT- she also thrives from discipline. I find myself too tired and not wanting to fight it most days to be consistent enough for discipline she needs sometimes so by putting her in a structured class like gymnastics, I think it will help her. I am also working on being better at being consistent with her. She gets sent to time out frequently and dont get me wrong, she doesn't get away with hitting and all that, but I am in no way a perfect parent and she does get away with things sometimes. 

She still wakes up during the night. It's getting better. That is one thing we are trying to be really strict with. With everything we have tried, locking her door and letting her cry and kick it out (she broke the door) and trying to go for the softer side of things by singing to her and reading books and scratching her back... nothing has worked. The last resort for us was me laying on the floor by her bed and holding her hand until she starts dozing off. When she starts dozing off I can leave the room. Its a terrible habit, I know. But its the best we can do with what we have tried. She shares a room with Mckay and there is a neighbor baby upstairs- and we cannot afford to break another door. So for now, this works for us. She is really into snuggling lately and demands snuggling me every day. She gets up around 7am and crawls into my bed and snuggles me for an hour or two until Mckay wakes up. She usually falls asleep, but if she doesnt, She will play a game on my phone so I can sleep some more. Again, bad habit, but sleep here for me is GOLD since Kevin works graveyards and I do the night thing alone. I dont do well on no sleep, so any sort of sleep for me is taken. 

Mia is also really into anything girly. She loves painting her nails and chapstick and makeup. She also really likes me to do her hair. She usually wont leave the house until her hair is done. She likes to sit by me as I put my makeup on and always asks for mascara too. She has had tons of haircuts already and sits really still for her hair. I am just praying she never takes scissors to her hair!!! She loves princess heels and dressing up. She always tells me that she is the queen and Mckay is her prince. She is a hoot. 

Mia really likes to sing. Her two favorite songs right now are row row your boat and twinkle little star. She always wants me to sing to her too, and will ask me to sing her songs like the "circle song" or "triangle song" which means make up a song about those things. 

She also really likes to draw. Shes extremely talented when it comes to drawing. She can draw in the lines! When she draws a person she draws eyelashes, eyes, arms, legs, hair, all the usual. She knows all her colors, can count to 10, and can write an M. 

She isn't potty trained yet, which drives me absolutely nuts. She will go poop in public places like target or at her grandmas house or aunts house, but refuses to go here. She pees in her potty here and occasionally poops here, but if it's not her idea, she will NOT go. She is one stubborn girl! We have seriously tried so many things. This girl just wants to train herself, so I am going to have to be okay with that. 

She also loves to brush her teeth and LOOOOOVES to swim!! She wont wear a life jacket in the pool, but will wear it around the house. She will jump in the pool without us catching her and will gladly put her face under the water. She has learned to blow bubbles in the water too. We are wanting to sign her up for lessons in the summer. 

Here are a few pictures of here recently: 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Project Life App

If you haven't heard of Project Life, its really awesome. Its a really simplified way to scrapbook. It used to be all with paper and whatnot- but recently they came out with an app for the iphone! Lucky me, I have an iphone and could download the app. Here are a few of the SUPER easy pages I have made showing some of the pictures of recent things we have been up to. Click on the picture to see it larger. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

It's been six months

its been 6 months since ive blogged on here. 

i honestly have had no desire, nor a care in the world to do so. but i am quickly realizing that i am forgetting things about my kids- im not writing them down. when mia was first born i wrote all her stats every month and all the new things she could do. and i am glad i did that so i dont forget what it was like. but with mckay i have been such a slacker! that poor kid, no history. i dont like writing in a journal, typing is much easier. so, back to it i go. 

i lost the will power in me to care about a lot of things this past 11 months. after mckay was born,  postpartum hit me like a brick wall. i didnt realize thats what it was until a few months ago. i lost the care to clean as well as i did, to take care of my body, to work on my friendships, and to strengthen my spiritual self. at the time those things didnt seem important to me. my kids did and my husband did, but nothing else did. now i am looking back on those 11 months since i had mckay and realizing how much i missed out on. i really really struggled to adjust to having two kids. its still hard. but now at least i really enjoy it! what a lucky mamma i am...

as for some updates...
kevin: he is done with school in april, then will do an internship! yay! go hubby. he is still working at ussynthetic but instead of swing shift, he will be doing grave shifts starting the second week of august. not fun for me. or him really. im so grateful for all his hard work. he is always doing homework or going to work- having no time for himself! if he does have extra time he is helping with the kids so i can have a break. thats a man right there ;) sure do love him. hes doing great in school and has gotten such good grades. 

mia: is now 24lbs and 35 inches tall. shes finally in 2t clothes. size 4 diapers. size 5 shoes. she loves anything girly- painting toenails, mommy's 'lips' (lipgloss), lotion, brushing her hair, hair bows, princess dresses, trying on my heels... you name it. that girl has got the girl thing down to a T. she also loves to sing. let it go is still her favorite song, then the 'temple song' (I love to see the Temple). she loves to color but hasnt kicked her habit of eating crayons yet.. so gross. she has an obsession with head stands and somersaults. shes really flexible and loves to dance too. she is starting to get into the 'scared' stage. if someone startles her or mckay comes crawling fast at her she starts to cry and runs and says shes scared. sometimes its really funny actually. lately shes been really into playing with her baby dolls and putting them down for naps. she really likes play food too, and could pretend to cook all day. shes great in nursery, but terrible in sacrament. havent figured that one out yet. she loves to talk to people on the phone, especially if its facetiming her cousin cecily. shes good at reminding me to get off my butt and go to the gym. in the mornings she comes to me with her shoes and says 'mom, i wanna go to the gym!'. (she must like the daycare they have). thank heaven for her motivation ;) she knows some letters, colors, and can write an M. she can also count to 10. still not potty trained. gosh dang that. she loves the idea of the potty and always wants to sit on it- all day. but will NOT pee or poo in it. that girl. any advice? shes been so much fun lately. she has gotten back into the snuggle stage. she likes to lay in mommys bed in the mornings when she gets up and snuggle. she loves to help cook or clean (thank goodness). she really is a great helper and will clean up all her toys if i sing the clean up song with her. shes obsessed with daniel tiger on PBS right now. im tired of that show. at least its educational. she does not back down. ever. she will cry or freak out until she gets what she wants. she only does it when its just me at home with her though... i think she gets the vibe that daddy is at work and mommy is tired and has been dealing with crying all day so shes going to give in... (dont worry, im working on that). she has major listening problems right now and will not follow simple commands.. she tests my limits to the max. she is also having problems staying near me when we go somewhere.. or even if we are just outside. she loves to run, and is really fast at it so i really have to keep my eye on her. i always have to get mckay out of the car first before i get her out or she will run into the parking lot. dont most two year olds stay by their moms? jeese. other than those two issues we have with her right now, she is seriously the most precious, hilarious, loving, talented little girl. we really love her and shes teaching me how to love more every single day. 

mckay: turns one this month! whaaaaat? where did time go?? i cant believe i was already 3 months pregnant with him when mia turned 1. i would die if i was pregnant right now haha. i was definitely blessed though because he is the most calm, happy go lucky, good baby!! everyone that spends time around him says those things to me. he seriously doesnt cry unless he is hungry or really tired. sometimes if he gets bonked on the head by sister he cries. but usually he just is tough and gets over it. he has 7 teeth and 3 molars coming in right now too! he is 20lbs and 29.5 inches tall. size 4 diapers. size 12 month clothes. size 3 almost 4 shoes. he will eat anything. and eats! no joke. hes a really great eater. he still drinks from a bottle and takes a binky. he does not like sippy cups. or plain baby food. he wants the real stuff. absolutely loves avocados and probably eats a half of one every single day. he can take one or two steps on his own but thats about it. he stands all day and walks holding on to things but not on his own. hes realllllly close though. this boy is FAST. crawls like a Ferrari! he loves water just like his sister. he also really likes to swing. hes into toy cars and also loves the play food. he loves to wrestle mia and pull her hair. he thinks its funny. he can high five, say momma and dadda, and give kisses. he can also point to things and shake his head no no. he is a nightmare to change a diaper on though because he is always moving. makes it hard for us! he sleeps great. two naps during the day, and sleeps through the night from 7:30-8 am. he is always smiling. really. he is such a happy baby!! he loves mia so much and tries to do everything she does. he loves it when mia climbs in his crib to jump with him. he is kind of in a biting stage but I think its because hes getting molars. he is slowly growing out of his snuggle stage which really makes me sad. he used to let me snuggle him every night before bed but now he kind of just wants to be put down in his crib- no snuggles. he still gives hugs though and likes to be held once in a while. 

me: there isnt much to say. been going to counseling. its been amazing. more on that subject later. started a bunch of new meds and those seem to be helping as well. its been a long 8 months of working on me and trying to deal with the cards that have been dealt to me since november.. but slowly things are getting easier and better. ive lost 7 pounds this month so far from the whole 30 diet and ive been going to the gym 3 times a week which is great for me! ive been really sick for a few months and so the doctor put me on the whole 30 diet. come to find out, im lactose intolerant, my body isnt absorbing vitamin d or vit. b12. ive been getting b12 shots for a few months now and they just arent absorbing. we are still trying to figure that out. the vit d is weird too because i take 50,000 units a week of it. thats ALOT. im still tired and feeling kinda sick but its ok! my iud got embedded in my myometrium (spelling?) which is basically the wall of my uterus. so i had to get that ripped out. hurt like heck. i plan to let my body heal and then get a new one very very soon. i also passed a kidney stone last weekend. ive been getting blood work once a month for a while now to make sure everythings ok still health wise. so its been weird to have all these weird sickness things going around my crazy body. maybe its trying to tell me to eat better ;) im reading the book of mormon on my own and thats going OK. im not super great at remembering to read it every day. my calling in church is the relief society historian. its boring. im getting better at the guitar and really enjoying playing it. 
thats about all i can say about me right now. nothing too exciting. 

life is good. hard, but good. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catching up- Mia's first time in the snow

This year was really the first year Mia could play in the snow. She LOVES it. I was lucky enough to score an amazing coat/snowbib set at Burlington for $24. The snow bibs are navy blue- plain. So I figured Mckay will also be able to wear them. Worth it for me! 

My sister Adrianne and her hubby/kids came into town from CO for Christmas (best surprise ever!). Christmas Eve Mia got to go sledding on the man made (by my brother in law Mike with the help of Kevin) hill in my parents back yard. The good videos are on Kevin's phone so I will have to upload those later... But she had SO much fun. I am telling you- this girl is FEARLESS! She went all by herself! 

Sledding by her self! 

This was her first time in the snow at our apartment in the yard. She had a lot of fun. 

She could barley walk in those things- hence plopping down for snow angels! 

Here's to much more playing in the snow- hopefully McKay will love it just as much as she does! 

Catching Up- Play dates

Mia has made so many friends (well, i've made friends who also have kids that just happen to be Mia's friends!) We love when friends come over or when we can go to friends houses because it helps pass the long day on! :) 

Here is Mia and her friend Cooper. Cooper's mom was in Scouts with me but I got released. This was after a scouts activity- we went to get ice cream. These girls were LOVING this cart and the yummy ice cream. 

One of my close friends Malae came over to hang out with her ADORABLE little girl Zaydrie (I THINK I spelled that right..) She was just loving McKay- if anything she was most interested in him! She kept asking to hold him.

My favorite play dates are the ones with just Mia and McKay though. They love eachother so much. She has become quite the good big sister. Always feeding him for me, getting diapers, putting blankets on him, giving him his binky, helping him when he's sad.. Its really cute. I love these two.

Our most favorite little girl Maddy lives upstairs. Mia and her are about a year apart. Mia just loves Maddy. Every day when we wake up the first thing she does is ask to go see Maddy. Her name is now "Maddy Cakes!" according to Mia. I really hope they stay friends for life.

I love that Mia is getting to the stage of wanting to play with her friends.. but She has also become quite the bully. She hits ALOT and her favorite phrase is "It's mine!" Oh boy. The terrible twos. I sure hope she grows out of it soon. She goes to timeout lots. Oh well, I still love that little girl. 

Catching up- Halloween

I am months behind in blogging. Sorry for the all the catching up posts that will be coming! 

Halloween was a blast this year! We did a lot of fun things to celebrate it. 
One thing was going to Thanksgiving Point farms. We went on a carriage ride, played games, got Mia's face painted, pet the animals, all kinds of fun. She loved it! All of it except the pony ride.. she screamed on that. 

 Another thing we did was the annual Mohlman Halloween Party! Lisa and Chris (Lisa is Kevins sister) always throw a rockin Halloween party every year. Tons of food, prizes, games, and good fun. Before the party, we met at this train called Stringtown Express . It's in Lindon and its free! So much fun! Check out their website to see a youtube video of the ride. Mia loved it. This picture is just outside the line to the train. 

This was McKay's first time in the umbrella stroller. Poor kid gets the girl stroller hand me down. He was a giraffe. It was the perfect outfit for the cold. 

Along the line in the train there are tons of decorations and music and all kinds of fun stuff. 

This is McKay on Halloween morning. Thanks for the onesie Amy! 

We went trick or treating with our upstairs neighbors, Katie and Marshall and their little girl Maddy. She is 9 months old and totally cute. Her and Mia have become quite the best friends. Mia loves helping Maddy walk and it was really fun to have them come trick or treating with us. 

Here Kevin and Mia were while going house to house. 

Pictures are out of order, sorry... This is from the night of our halloween party at Lisa's. Kevin and I went as nerds! 

My handsome (nerdy) boys

I made Mia's costume. She was a 'cute' ghost for lack of a better name. 

Lisa's whole family dressed up in Napolean Dynomite outfits.. Here is Lisa with her son Jackson. Their outfits were the best! 

At the end of train. 

Mimi and Papa holding McKay- they were the pitch fork couple with the frame around their face.. haha. 

Some of the party craziness

I made cupcakes. The frosting wasn't amazing, but I think I decorated them cute! 

Kevin's oldest brother Dale- awesome costume! 

The ladies, Sharese, Jen, Lisa, Kathy, me, and Wendy

Ok, this was the best costume. Steve was the scared kid in bed and his daughter Olivia was the monster under the bed! 

We had a lot of fun and I am realizing how much more fun holidays are with kids. Thanks for the fun party Lisa and Chris! 


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